Among Other Contestant in X FACTOR 2014 Bootcamp  if you go to youtube and watch each talents you will see that this girl get the most favorable view, so far the highest! 101,000+  and its TEN times larger to the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th best of the best in X FACTOR's BOOTCAMP  shes realy amazing! tha Voice! is so terribly powerful! 

This almost had a Rihanna quality to her performance !  Well done Marlisa

Ronan looks like a cat having a plate full of cream in front of him, first i thought her voice was clear but thin and fragile, but i was wrong. she's finding deepness and nuances in her voice and being so young, she's becoming only better. nice to watch. i cant get enough to this is my 8th times watching it! she so adorable. and shes a Filipina!

Heres the UNCUT Uploaded Video, enjoy! source Link made special Share Functions to make sure that her video performance will get huge circulating power.

Marlisa Punzalan! X FACTOR BOOTCAMP REACH 100Million View TODAY!

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