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Some Psychologist have a very special ways to determine characteristics of a person, for example. a simple handshake can reveal the character of a male in an interview. FIRM handshake means his a strong leader and have a strong determinations to achieve. while a shaky and soft handshake is a sign of weaker possibilities. anyway too much for that. we have this title on these entry this time ''HOW TO DETECT IF A WOMAN IS AGGRESSIVE JUST BY LOOKING AT THEIR TOES''

is this true? or does it have anything in connections? having larger toes means easy to get girl? or smaller toes means she's got the right attitude and sizzling traits in bed? well. lets focus on the side that '' Scientific research''  based on large surveys and proven phenomenon that this woman has been put to test.

Harvard University have something to say about this, and even sex gurus, and even Psychologist do have in common in revealing woman's attitude when it comes to sex. Hey girls. we re not saying that this is 100% accurate. we just have the feeling of its validity because this what stats and surveys are showing.

Anyway. Here's what they are saying

1.Larger Toes: Easy to confront. have the approachable and always in  good mood. before menstrual is the best time for these girls to corner.

2.Smaller Toes: The Not so HOT, but they are Passionate and have a very strong urge when they want it. on average scale they don't  want being force. they want it slow and gentle. and mind you boys.. this girls want it longer.

3.Pointed Toes: The Moody Type. Fast changing. so you better take advantage brother if this girl is showing signs that she wants to do it right away.

4.Square Toes: The Very hard to Get Type, But they are so adventurous if you made happen bumping to this type. **WARNING** They are extremely Hot and very Aggresive. Your such either the lucky guy or the abuse guy later  :)

so heres the signs dude! the next time they are showing their feet flaunting their sandals,  or you are on the beach. try to have some glance on their most revealing assets, to discover their rate and maybe experiment trying them and prove which one of them is really getting the high score. :)


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