Aluminum foil has surprising tricks that could bring benefits to the body. Did you know that it is one of the most common things that can be seen in the kitchen. It is often used for preparing foods.

But according to the Russian and Chinese healers, aluminum foil can be used for healing practices as well.
Based on the studies, aluminum foil can benefit the following: 
-Post-operative scars
-Muscular pain
-Inflammatory proces and its effects
-Leg, joint, back, arm and neck pain

Here is what you needed to do for Muscle pain:
1. Wrap the aluminum foil and wrap it around the painful area in the body. 
2. Leave it covered for during the day and overnight. 
3. Make sure that it is tightly secured with the help of a bandage. 
4. Continue to do this for 10-12 days and take 1-2 week break. 

For Flu and Cold Treatment:
Aluminum could lessen the amount of antibiotics that you take in for it is a great tool needed in fighting infections.
Wrap the feet in 5-7 layers of foil and put cotton or paper between each layer. Leave it wrapped for 1 hour then remove it. After 2 hours, do it again using a different wrapper. Continue doing the procedure for the third wrap. This should be done for 7 days. 

For burn treatments:
Wash the affected area over cold running water. Then add an ointment to prevent the foil from sticking to the foil. Cover it with a foil and fasten it with bandage. 

Remember: Both sides of aluminum foil can be used in the process of treatment. The shiny part can be used in keeping heat in the body that you are treating. While the matte side is for cooling and heat protection.

MIRACLE FOIL:Aluminum foil has surprising tricks that could bring benefits to the body

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