To be honest, I can still earn  the BEFORE Figure, easily w/o any hard Effort. All it takes is just a simple Tweaks on my ADS PLacement + The Content i will Going to use require ladies with fair skin. super cut shorts, and some small part of cleavage to it on 50 Top performing Facebook Fanpage about Online Dating, or Friends Finder Forum. VOILA!! Instant huge ADSENSE EARNINGS! in just few minutes!

no simple Tricks how i've manage to earn Thousand and Thousands of dollars in my adsense account. This is simply bypassing the TOS. but theres a simple Way to override this using rich content stories. Head up to and you will see what im talking about,. theres a lot of plenty websited today dealing mature /adult content niche but able to rake huge earnings in adsense ads implementation.

How they do that? "I dont Know "

But this experiment. allowed me to  experience BIG adsense Earnings.I've try using Slight Photos. non nude actualy but sensually captivating and do some trigger curious event to make thousands of page view.

as you notice. this Entry do not have ads. That's The Secret i am also using. Its called 'RESTRICTION' technique. Avoid using Adsense Codes in Sidebar Area, Header and Footer Area of your blog. WHY? 

it's because not all the time. you can create entry full of informative content, some are just Junk, crap, or even copy pasted from other trended media.

My reason in Posting is Simple. IF the Content will show 200+ Trafic TOday, then i will edit it, used Informations and authetic Tagging and keyword Stuffing  that have high Adsense CTR.  but if the Content do not perform well. i will not implement adsense in it.

On thing More, This will save my page to show only rich content. Allowed Graphics and video posting.

To be Continued...

I will Discuss How To Restrict Adsense Code Showing in NON rich Content Post. /Copy PAste or even Entries dealing RED Flags to Adsense.


The Reason of my LOW adsense Earnings? I Choose to make this World A better Place. by not polluting the mind of the young ones, I will Just try To figure out other Techniques to raise my Adsense Earnings , rather than creating a POst on my Blog using Girls and Immoral Images. :) 


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