Health authorities have placed a 36-year-old woman in isolation and close monitoring for being suspected of having the Middle East respiratory syndrome-coronavirus (MERS-CoV), since February 3, 2016, at the Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC), Cagayan de Oro.

The woman reportedly arrived from Singapore and was initially confined at a private hospital, but was transferred to the NMMC after having been found with symptoms of MERS-CoV.
Dr. Peter Quiawit, spokesman of NMMC, confirmed the presence of the patient suspected of having symptoms of MERS-CoV in the isolation room of NMMC, 3rd floor of the hospital, which is designated by the government to handle medical cases of this nature.
Dr. Quiawit said it will take three days before they can release the result of the examination to confirm whether the patient is either positive or negative of MERS-CoV.
“We have to take precautionary measures, but it’s business as usual at the hospital,” Dr. Quiawit announced yesterday.
The patient is being guarded by three blue guards who are keeping a distance of 15 meters away from the isolation room.
Nobody is allowed entry into the isolation room, except for those authorized by hospital authorities.
Quiawit said the family members who got in contact with the patient has undergone the usual protocol for medical conditions such as this, including isolating them as well.

PH:Cagayan de Oro City-Pinay Woman suspected of having MERS-CoV

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