The first time i tasted this water based drink, it was so refreshing and honestly, the B- Vitamins included on this package  will surely give a boosting energy. + the fact that the water based product comes is a very questionable spots. this gray area force me to review it once again, and hope to gain some answer because i am not expert on this kind of beverages, 

anyway. The ''Blu'e'' water based drink now already gain it's popularity, the only water based drink to crack the ellusive market of package drink industry, first of it's kind here in the Philippines and now popular to some sports fanatic, teens and even in the older genre. 

my only concern about this product is: Why is it that when you done drinking it. the flavour is too strong that it takes me almost 3 days to vanish the fruit flavor on the plastic container? are these mixed flavor so strong? that it cant removed immediately on the container? 

you can try to experiment it. to proved this effect. after you finish drinking it. empty bottle, refill it again with pure TAP water. and you will noticed that the strong smell and even some kick of the flavor is still there.

The superhumancoach website hve this full article about this water based drink.

I’s not uncommon to see the term “natural flavors” in the labels of these products. What’s worrying is that natural flavors can mean anything from hydrolyzed vegetable protein (HPV) typically processed from soy beans, to brominated vegetable oil (BVO). So long as these have been extracted from plant or animal sources that have been classified by the US FDA as generally recognized as safe, then these “natural flavorants” can be used in manufactured food products.

Sweeteners are present in flavored waters as well. High fructose corn syrup, evaporated cane juice, and processed sugar are just among the sweeteners manufacturers utilize. Meanwhile, brands marketed as healthier low calorie versions are not in any way safer as toxic sucralose, aspartame or acesulfame are used in place of sugar.

I do not negates drinking this new famous water based drink. but i sugggest you first check the labels of this item and research it on the internet. 


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