This video is a public service announcement about why marijuana should be legalized in the Philippines through the perspective of De La Salle University - Manila students.


Basically put, if weed's legal, it benefits the treasury. If it's illegal, it benefits the politicians' and law enforcement agents' private pockets- who have links w. big time pushers. If u want to push say- 10,000 kilos of weed in a country where it's illegal, you CANNOT do it unless u have a link w.

But in a "business as usual" day, big time pushers their big time gains to big time politicians, police and anti narcotic bureau chiefs etc. Medium time pushers push their medium time gains to medium time politicians like high ranking cops like police colonels. Small time pushers push their small time gains to small time politicians and law enforcement like u r street cops like SPO / police constable etc. 


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