What brought me about this post is , my friend is complaining about the gadget she ordered last time. she used a one time payment delivery using the options they provided, if you don't have credit card you can pay it via door to door delivery. or on delivery payment scheme, the problem is, She ordered the gadget on the agreed price negotiated there but  when it arrives, it was different from the one they are posting online + it was 2 times more expensive!

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Top 1. Source: http://www.pinoytechnoguide.com/2012/12/can-you-trust-lazada-philippines.html
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>Can You Really Trust Lazada Online Shopping Philippines? 
>How to Identify a Reliable Online Shopping Company

MOST of the Time People Complain About Lazada?

Based on several Filipinos, the problem with Lazada is the very poor customer service. Lazada's hotline is not very functional. You will just be told excuses rather than addressing the problem.

Another common complain is the unprofessional packaging. Customers of Lazada often report that they receive a damaged box full of packaging tapes.

The most severe complaints to Lazada Philippines is probably the wrong items sent to their customer, lacking items or delayed delivery of items.

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If you'll ask me right now, I would say I can't trust them. Specially with dealing with the RETURN ITEMS. My experience was the worst online store experienced I have ever experienced in my entire online shopping. You can't get an actual update of the status of your concern from their customer service. Instead, they will keep on saying "sorry for the inconvenience and they will follow it up!" I have heard the same line and read it from their email several times.

They sent me a wrong item and I decided to return it to them 9/12/2013 and up to now, 9/24/2013, I didn't receive any clear update about the status of my return and the schedule of the replacement of the wrong item. It is sad that this kind of online store is spending a lot in their marketing efforts but fail to fix their internal problems, i.e. fixing the way they handle after sales services. I am really 
disappointed with them and I will not order from them again ever!

TOP 2.  http://blog.ditz-revolution.net/2015/01/20/lazada-ph-slow-delivery-fake-products-and-just-generally-a-shitty-company/ 
> Slow Delivery, Fake Products and Just Generally a Shitty Company
Screen shot Review

I was genuinely considering buying a new phone from them because I was amazed at how much cheaper it was being sold. Plus, being such a ‘popular’ site I figured they couldn’t be selling fakes, right?

Good thing I did my research first because I read a lot of reviews about customers not only receiving their gadgets super late, but the item/s they ordered were damaged too! Like with you, returning them was hell and some still never managed to get theirs replaced or refunded. Who knows, if I bought from them, they might have even given me a fake iPhone! No wonder their gadgets are being sold so cheap!
TOP 3. http://lazada-group.pissedconsumer.com/
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