About 16,900,000 results, i don't know if that's the total websites and blogs doing that business,  i used this ''keywords'' in google search ''fast and easy way to earn bitcoin ''  then try another one. HOW to Earn BITCOINS the fastest way? how to earn BITCOINS the easiest Way? and so on and so forth, 

Why am i searching this? well .. i will tell you an honest story about this BITCOIN BUSINESS, the crytocurrency they are telling that soon to be the future of digital currency. sounds futuristic isn't it?

This is going to be my first time writing it, but i will try to shed better light than other write up they did before, this is not the actual tricks or redirection steps you need to crack the bitcoin business.

okay lets just start, 

1. I will Tell you a secret, it takes 14million Androids Phones working together to earn 1 Bitcoin. 
2. In Laptop/Desktop: Preferable a hundreds of thousand. Provided you get the best RIG and super computing Arsenals.
3. And doing it alone in different websites, and Faucets will only waste you time and effort, +  the huge electricity Bill you will get at the end of the MOnth. is it worth it? 
4. Even Creating a BITCOIN Farm is not good Idea,  you will lose all the money utilizing the Bitcoin earnings to pay your staff.  or to break even from your tools and machinery investment,


4. So I design a Better Way, A Less bloody competition,
> Created a Blog, and write and research about this business, created some write up. and good articles about Bitcoin Mining in my area, i first saturate the write up by LOCALS, then going up, By Countries./nationalities, then later i was already filtering the International group. doing Bitcoin Business,

> You can used diffenrent advertising Platform,to monetized your Bitcoin Business, Youtube, Adsense, Contera, Chitika. Infolinks, Shoreting URL's. the good thing about BIT COIN Business is you have the freedon to control it's cashflow,  some players are just dependant to pure BITCOIN Trading, FAUCETS, POOLING, and some other sorts.  they loss their valuable investments using BITCOIN high Yield Investment scams, REFERALS that really SUCK like COINS.PH , their referal system is such a CRAP. they will promise you incentives, after finishing such lengthy procedures, and you will only get the referal bonus if the sign up made perfect duplication process like you did, providing all the documents. and authentications needed for you to do the business,  i advice you to not join to that site. you ca used their  platform i will recommend it but do not dwell into their schemes of referrals.

6. Heres the calculations i've made. on my BITCOIN Business, I was converting the traffic of this Blog using the Bitcoin Niche (Topics) , then made money from thousand of unique page impressions and clicks to my ads.

1500 Unique Pageview/Day = $1.75 USD
50 CPC /Day=  I will just used the lowest CTR just equivalent to .10 cents per click to made .10c TIMES 50 = $5.00 USD

Total Earnings Everyday
$6.75 USD/Day using just single links, That is better than joining hundreds of Faucets and BITCOIN Gambling Sites,  i duplicate single links and grow up to 75 useful Links gaining each 500 traffic everyday, that's a pretty good 37,500 Unique I.P Traffics. Compute my Earnings. and compare it your BITCOINS Earnings, Mine is an automated Earnings. Yours is A NO WORK NO PAY earnings. you decide which is better now?

But how will you going to to this? you have no idea how to make a blog? or you don't have skills in article writing? 

There's a solutions. 

if you have facebook.  you can Join the FBREWARD PLATFORM. you can convert your facebook likes into Bitcoin

HOW? this is fastest And Easiest Way to Earn BITCOINS 

There are some Secret sites. that are capable of developing reward platforms using the power of social media, advertising and BITCOIN platforms, and i was lucky to be the one who knows how to do it. HOW?

very simple

You can Create a Website, With a dashboard Logins and Signup Forms,
that's where you will going to put all the records and trackings of your members, then provide links for them. may it  be  motivational links, funny video links, sponsored stories,  viral photos circulating in facebook, News, Technology news, Politics, Religions, Downloads. ETC. Blah blah! anything under the sun that you can imagine to have valuable talks. or any topics that interest people around the word.

Next. We will going to Convert those Shared Links from LIKES to BITCOIN EARNINGS

I will not  restrict the full Content of the idea here, so others with experience and skills of coding and platform developer will soon crack it, execute it for the betterment and easier access of more people in Bitcoin World.  Because the Traditional way of earning bitcoins today has not yet come to its full blossoms. i would say it was so very hard to earn and make a good profit from BITCOINS if you are just a newbies and don't have any backbones on this type of industry. there's a bigger stats of people who started it and just later  drop it because it was time consuming. 

Who are the People Staying here? and Bragging they have earnings? Only the People who understand the rules of Conversions, and the people who have proven huge BIG Listings. and Knowledge about it. Some BIgger Key Player invested theis Millions creating Investment Platform using Bitcoin. But this requires You Registration Fee. You can try it. And I will Advise you to Dig the deeper secrets and techniques on Earning Faster in BITCOIN,

I created this Post, for the sole purpose of exposing the truth about this business. if you have links. Feel free to provide here. or you have a words , Tips, whatever That will Benefits Newbie. Please Share it here. :)


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