1. Jewelries and Antiques (Do some Combinations in Keyword stufin, make sure you create quality content)..Do not copy paste article from other sites, this is the number one reasons in LOW CPC. google have a very sophisticated tools in keyword compare software and tags tracking.change your title in blog. also includes, photo. rename it before uploading it. then do some decent research about the post you are making. (also try collectibles, OLD COINS, and RARE ARTS collections) this keywords are now performing better.

2.Target GEO Locations: This is a TIP. cost per click will vary depends on what country the click originated.  google can trace the nationality of the clicker, the same as the .IP used, the behavior of the browser being used. + the complete data of the visit. the Bounce Rate, the Entry URL, the intervals o the clicks made to your displayed ads.

3. KEYWORD TIPS: onother keyword you can experiment are the Following.
> Gadgets, Android Games and Apps
>Ancient HIstory/ Bibles/ Spiritual Keywords also doing goog today
>Modern Architectures
> Medicines for Hypertensions/
>Cancer Cure

What to avoid?

VIRAL Stories, Trending News, If you have Original article do it. But if its just Copy PAste. you better not post it. you will get 90k page view everyday. but you can only earn a little from that traffic,  i experience doing it. my only purpose on bringing huge traffic here on my blog is to make my other quality post get noticed.  i restrict  adsense from showing on my individual posting.  No sidebar ads, Header and Footer ads. that is to control adsense to show only on above post or below post.

This Technique will Saves you from Possible Adsense Violations,  USED adsense only on a Quality POST, and remember. Do not ever ever used the Code on the post that you copy paste, Or to a post that violates Content rules, like Provocative Images, Videos, Pornographic content.  Most blogs and sites today to gain traffic they are using content that is very degrading, and immoral. mind you. ive tested this kind of technique, enforcing a block floating ads together with the images, i received 890 page impressions only but earnings is $76.80 USD!! that's BIG!  

then i removed the ADS, inserted it on one o my TOP performing POST. with a Page impressions of 78,000!!! you now my earnings?? its only $6.13 USD!!!!! my goodness!!!!

What is happening to ADSENSE lately??? 

Then i come up, with this ADSENSE ULTIMATE SOLUTION, 

In the Philippines, I noticed that there are so many blogger. and they are Brilliant Blogger compare to KOREA, singapore, Japan, 

Indonesian and MAlaysia  bloggers are also good.

India Is BEst! china. No good. 

Anyway. U.S blogger, CAnadian. European. British Blogger and Australians are Good BLoggers,

Why i Mention this Particulary?  In my Next Post. I will Show you an Experiment. created by my PALS in Blogging World. This are my BLogger Friends FROM India. we've been doing little research recently, about the CPC and CTR on different parts of the GLOBE.

and we Find out, that LOCAL I.P have something to do with LOW cost per click. I the Content is written in your nantive languange, the CLick was MAde in you local Area. You GET LOW CPC?
Thats not True.

Then YOu have Blog in Dollar Spokening,  The CLicks  was made by an english white man you get HIGH CPC? thats not true.

I will Tell you on my NEXT POst. THE Secret of a HIGHER ADSENSE CTR using LOCAL I.P Clicks. combined with Local Language. meanwhile. I will just Leave you with this Simle
LOW ADSENSE EARNINGS ULTIMATE SOLUTION: GET HIGHER ADSENSE EARNINGS , my advise? Just Keep Blogging! write good article. and do something good in your blogging. Write article that is readable for the next Ten thousand Years, not a TRENDED POST that can only be hot for a couple o days or so.

good Luck! Thanks for reading


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