There is no issue about the identity of the killers as the actors in the tarmac during Ninoy's arrival can be fully identified one by one. Regardless of who pulled the trigger everybody knew that it was a scripted act with the directors somewhere from the high end back ground.

It's quite funny that those behind bars keep on maintaining their innocence up to the time they were pardoned. They should deserve to serve the full penalty. Why would it took them until they were pardoned to devulge the mastermind ? If the mastermind they alleged knew was still floating in the air while they were incarcerated, they should have initiated to contact the justice department earlier so that re-investigation can be conducted and this ma
rmind can be reunited with them in prison with still fresh evidence to include stehim in the conviction. Hearsay cannot pin down this mastermind at this moment in time. 

By the way, this analysis may change when one can prove that the trajectory was indeed a "upward, downward, and medially" and not a "forward, downward and medially".Also, if one can prove that the entry and exit holes can be attributed to .357 slug then that adds to this angle.

Let's examine the skull above;

1. Frontal sinus
2. Crista galli
3. Cribriform plate
4. Lesser wing of sphenoid
5. Superior orbital fissure
6. Superior border of petrous part of temporal bone
7. Dense shadow of petrous part of temporal bone
8. Perpendicular plate of the ethmoid
9. Vomer
10. Maxillary sinus
11. Inferior concha
12. Ramus of mandible
13. Body of mandible

As per this the finding that the trajectory was a ""forward, downward and medially" was correct.

The dent in the petrous part of the temporal bone was due to the bullet hitting it after the bullet broke through the back of the skull.

The hitting of the petrous part failed to deflect the trajectory though that's why the trajectory was still straight and the bullet exited in the mandible. The angle was not enough to deflect the bullet or that the bone tissue was not hard enough to change the trajectory. More likely, the trajectory line's angle was not enough to deflect the bullet. It simply went through as if it hit nothing.

This again supports the belief that the shooter was behind and little above Ninoy.

Unless, of course Ninoy looked up while the shot was fired.  


Ninoy Aquino murder investigation case; updates, discussions

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