History is written by the Victors it is said.  EVEN IF IT IS A LIE.  But need not worry because as Buddha has said, "Three things cannot be long hidden, the Sun, the Moon and the TRUTH".  And 30 years on after the victors of the Edsa coup'd'etat and power grab has written their narrative and lies about Ferdinand Edralin Marcos and Imelda Romualdez Marcos - truth is NOW UNRAVELING and it is unraveling so fast the LIERS are being suffocated with their own lies and TRUTH SEEKERS are being called revisionist. 

Marcos never was a Dictator as has been feed to the masses.  How can a dictator do it alone?  It is like playing'PATINTERO' (Traditional Game in the Philippines) by yourself, IN IT?

Truth is Marcos consulted all the pillars of a strong republic such as the Judiciary, the Legislative,

Dapat nga magpasalamat ang taong-bayan kay Ferdinand Edralin Marcos dahil ang Philippine peso/money is backed up by the Marcos gold which Ferdinand Marcos owns even before he became a Congressman. Truth will set us all free.  This information is being shared to you all so that we may all Co-Create a beautiful future here on Earth.

How can we call Marcos a Dictator when he has all these elections during his term. ?  Fifteen (15) elections in twenty (20) years in power.  It is like almost having an election every year - kinulang lang ng five more elections and it is every year na.  Under a Dictatorship, no election is ever allowed.  Under a Dictatorship, NO elective officials are allowed ONLY appointed officials.   Action speaks louder than words and that is always the case in judging a man of his good and bad deeds.  If we want to label Ferdinand Marcos then we should call him "A Great Democrat" and not a Dictator because all his actions points to that evidence.

Shall we then put things in perspective EH?  Truth of the matter is that history only looked at documentary evidence NOT on the emotional narrative of Victors in an event that would lie to all till eternity.  Truth of the matter is that Marcos was the real winner of the 1986 elections.  
See the documentary evidence here. (Please click here for the evidence).  Truth of the matter is that the Edsa 1 was a MANUFACTURED REVOLUTION.  Do not believe me, do your own research and you may start with the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: The shocking story of how America really took over the world.  That book will tell you how to manufacture a revolution. 
 Truth may be slow in coming out but once it is out, no amount of army can stop it and that is precisely what is happening now with the truth about the Marcoses and how we as Filipinos were duped into participating in a revolution hell bent on destroying our nation and stealing our gold and natural resources and NOW dumb - ing down our society through the introduction of the K 12 Education program.  Look at what is happening in the USA, that is what will happen to the Philippines if we are not to stop this madness.  You want evidence?  Read The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, Revised and Abridged Edition

Now back to Action Speaks louder than words.  Marcos is not a Dictator for he never appointed anyone to a job that is meant to be only elected by the people.  If there is a Dictator in the Philippines, By Their Action Yee Shall Be Known - that is Cory Aquino. Why?  Because, when the power grab became successful and Cory ordered the Kidnapping of President Marcos (Click here for evidence) - she then removed from their elective office ALL those who were elected by the people to serve them and replaced them with OIC -  Officers In Charge.  This is a fact that no one can deny.

Now tell me who is a real Dictator by their action and corroborated with documentary evidence. Marcos may have been an Authoritatian from the time he declared Martial Law until January 17, 1981 when it was lifted but Marcos was never a dictator and that is supported with documentations and historical account too.

To quote Teddy 'Boy' Locsin's words, "Marcos TEMPORARILY Suspended DEMOCRACY to SAVE Democracy because of the threat of COMMUNISM in the 70s".

Now, do not accuse people who look at documentation and historical account as revisionist because their is nothing to revise in TRUTHFULNESS. 

And here is one narrative that pinpoints the main players in the game to remove the legitimate President of the Philippines in 1986 - Ferdinand Edralin Marcos.  And all of this is because of the gold, the riches of our land and our natural resources too.  Read HERE for the Economic Hitmen that really destroyed our nation and our sovereignty.  Sabi nga ni Erap, "Walang tutulong sa Pilipino kundi kapwa Pilipino din" and that Pilipino was Marcos.

Si Imelda ang napag-iwanan ng lahat ng responsibilidad para sa bayan natin na ina-ahas ng mga dambuhalang mga negosyante na nakipag sabwatan sa mga dayuhan.  Sinira ni Cory Aquino ang mag-asawang Marcos sa pamamagitan ng pag HIRE ng International Public Relations firms para lang magalit ang taong bayan sa mag asawang Marcos.  Kawawang Imelda at Ferdinand ngunit may kaawa-awa ang taong bayan na nalinglang ni Cory at ng kanyang galit at puot sa puso nya.  Time to heal this cycle of vengeance.  Time to heal our land.

Truth is now out that the reason for most anger and hate of Filipinos against the Marcoses are due to the 16 International Public Relations firms hired to destroy the Marcoses. Click here for the evidence.

Pati ang mga taong pinatay ng mga komunista during the Martial Law years ay ibinintang kay Marcos.  Marcos has no hands in the killing spree of the communist group in the Philippines.  We better learn our lesson well or else we will suffer the same faith as that of Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam with their killings fields.  That killing fields happened in the Philippines in the hands of the communist but was pin pointed at Marcos and Ferdinand got the blame for protecting the Filipinos who only want to live in Peace under a climate of Democracy.
Truth is self evident in itself.  No matter how one tries to suppress it and hide it, it will find a way of making known..  Imelda and Ferdinand are truly the heroes of the Philippines and of the world and please do not believe what I write here - I want you to go on and research it yourself as I have done for more than 30 years now and hence my conviction is from that effort and energy of all those years.  Funny how things really is and how intuition works very well for me because in the pick of my research about Imelda and Ferdinand - most of the material available for me in 1986 and beyond were mostly Anti-Imelda and Anti-Ferdinand materials but they seem not to jibe with my INNER KNOWING. 

Indeed, as Arthur Schopenhauer once said that "All truth passes through three stages, First, it is ridiculed.  Second, it is violently oppossed.  Third, it is accepted as being self-evident". The Filipino people have been through all these three stages in the last 30 years and we are now in the last stage of accepting the truth about what Imelda has been saying all along and it is all self-evident.

The evidence are all clear and HAS BEEN SUPPRESSED by the mainstream media  for far too long now.  But truth really will come out and can never be suppressed at all.  As Buddha has said that " Three things cannot be long hidden, the Sun, the Moon and the Truth"  Here are below the truth that THE MEDIA DOESN'T WANT YOU TO KNOW ABOUT.

That the Human rights violations of the Marcos Era were mostly fabricated to bring down the regime.  Here are documentary evidence on the link. Please click here.

JUSTICE FOR IMELDA NOW...Three things cannot be long hidden, the Sun, the Moon and the Truth said Buddha. And when you buried a truth, it sprouts again after it has shown the LIGHT.
As one Loyalist puts it on a facebook page.  "Listing of the Public Relations Firms hired by Ms. Cory Aquino to destroy the reputation of President Marcos, which documents reveals that the funds used to financed the media groups against Marcos were mainly from government funds.  Ganito kalaki ang ginastos ni Cory para lang sirain si FEM, pera ng sambayanan pa ang ginamit. Dito makikita kong anong klaseng katraydoran ginawa nila...".

Truth is now out that the reason for most anger and hate of Filipinos against the Marcoses are due to the 16 International Public Relations firms hired to destroy the Marcoses. Click here for the evidence.
Marcos Martial Law was a campaign against communism.  And it was the declaration of the Martial Law that SAVED MILLIONS OF FILIPINOS FROM THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE OF THE COMMUNIST JUST LIKE THE MILLIONS THAT PERISHED IN THE HANDS OF THE COMMUNIST REGIME OF LAOS, CAMBODIA AND VIETNAM just three years after Marcos declared Martial Law in 1972.  The new generation of today whose educated parents must be grateful to Imelda and Ferdinand Marcos because they are alive.  Their counterparts in Laos, Vietnam and Caombodia like the teachers, engineers, doctors and most professionals were all executed by the communist regime of those coutnreis.
And of course the KIDNAPPING OF THE MARCOS FAMILY TO HAWAII BY THE AMERICANS.  Are all truth that has been suppressed by the media.

As Imelda would always say.  "I do not need to do anything because I believe in DIVINE JUSTICE".

And here is the most important interview of Imelda Romualdez Marcos during her kidnapping in Hawaii that the mainstream media does not want us all to know about.
Tapos na ang 1986 at wala pa rin silang napapatunayan.  Si Ninoy Aquino di man lang nila mabigyan ing hustisya.  Asawa ni Ninoy naging presidente pero ang asawa nito di man lang nabigyan ng hustisya and kanyang sariling asawa.  Bakit kaya?  Dahil kaya alam na alam nila kung sino talaga ang utak ng pagpatay kay Ninoy? .  Anak ni Ninoy presidente since 2010 at matatapos na ang termino nitong 2016 pero di pa rin nabigyan ng hustisya ang tatay nya.  BAKIT KAYA?  Dahil kaya sa alam talaga nila kung sino ang utak at kung sino ang nagpapatay sa ama nya?


Kawawang Imelda.  Sobra-sobra nilang pinipersecute.  More than 30 years na.

They had all those 30 years to prove her guilt but all they can muster are black propaganda JUSTICE FOR IMELDA. 30 years of NEVER ENDING PERSECUTION. HARASSMENT, VICTIMIZATION, BULLYING, THREAT TO LIFE, 30 YEARS OF NEVER ENDING RIDICULE, PARODY, INSULT DESPITE THE FACT THAT SHE WAS ACQUITTED IN all the cases lodge against her. 

In 1998, tumakbong pagka-presidente si Imelda but she has to withdraw because of a threat for bloodshed to the Filipinos.  She has to make the ultimate sacrifice of giving up her ambition and her dream for her people just so to avoid blood shed.  Her husband Ferdinand has to decide similar decision in 1986 when he gave up power to avoid blood shed too.  And earlier in 1972, Ferdinand Edralin Marcos has to sacrifice his honor to prevent millions from being slaughtered by the communist surge in the Philippines by declaring MArtial Law.  Just three years after that and upon ignoring the writing on the wall and Ferdinand's advice to his counterparts in SouthEast Asia - just three years later in 1975.  Nations such as Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia fell into full blown communism and we now have those famous killing fields which were made into movies.  Go figure.  

Watch this video and get an idea how communist destroys nations and families.  They killed all thinking individuals such as teachers, engineers, doctors, and all educated people.   How it turns children into killing machines.  Pasalamat nga ang mga Pinoy at nagkaroon ng Martial Law sa atin.  Utang na loob natin yan sa isang dakilang leader gaya ni Marcos.
"To save the Filipino people from the ultimate injustice. of a possible bloody election, I, Imelda Romualdez Marcos, now withdraw from the May 11th 1998 Presidential Race. And now, I call on all Marcos Loyalist and the entire Filipino people to be vigilant in the fourthcoming elections and to safeguard the votes so that true democracy will prevail." Signed Imelda Romualdez Marcos April 29, 1998. JUSTICE FOR IMELDA IS JUSTICE FOR ALL.  This is her press release which was not shown on TV.

the following links to see the truth from different courts. ENOUGH OF THIS PERSECUTION WHICH IS NOW MORE THAN 30 YEARS. 
There is no freedom of press if such freedom is selective.

Manila Regional Trial Court, IMELDA NOT GUILTY: Hindi po ito lumabas sa ano mang local news natin, associated press po yan:
Three things cannot be long hidden, the Sun, the Moon and the Truth. Finally, after 16 International public relations firms hired by Cory and paid for by the billions of tax payers money (IN DOLLARS FOR THAT MATTER) to destroy both Imelda and Ferdinand by the foreign firms all based in New York City and Washington D.C. Now it can be told, THANKS TO THE INTERNET AND TO DIVINE JUSTICE. Read and SHARE FAR AND WIDE, MAKE VIRAL SO THAT THE PHILIPPINES WILL BE A GREAT NATION AGAIN. 
In this link you will find all the documentary evidence of how the Cory government went on a vindictive rampage to destroy a kababayan for personal gain.  Ito ang katotohanang hindi kaylan man pwede itago sa sambayanang Pilipino.  SEE AND READ ALL THE EVIDENCE HERE.
AT NGAYON NAMAN ANG PROBLEMA NATIN SA WEST PHILIPPINE SEA WITH CHINA. Cory government na naman ang nagdala ng problemang ito na hinaharap natin ngayon.
Ahead of her time, Imelda warned us but we ignored her warning. And now in 2015 we are facing a terrible crisis with losing not only the islands on our shores but possibly our sovereignty. Here is Imelda Marcos speech at the Manila Hotel when she runs for President in the 1998 Presidential Election. “I AM running for the Presidency, because beyond the ultimate end of politics which is justice for all, is because our sovereignty – the sovereignty of our country is in danger. The cory constitution of 1987 surreptitiously deleted the historical legal rights to our territories. And this will endanger our country. “Imelda Romualdez Marcos

Imelda R. Marcos warned us of the impending problem with the Spratley Islands back in early 1990’s and she warned us when she put her person in danger by running for President in 1992 and in 1998. Imelda kept warning us over and over again but we ignored her warning. Look NOW in 2015, China is encroaching its paws on our territory on the Spratley Islands and even using our own seas for fishing. Malaysia is now the owners of our major TV networks. The Philippines society, it’s minds, its collective thinking, its psyche are now captured by foreigners’ and we become prisoners of the foreign invaders by supporting the 1986 lies. Cory sold our sovereignty along with her fake hero husband who sold Sabah to the Malaysians. Imelda warned us back then that our sovereighnty is in danger but we did not listen to her warning. The demolition job they did to Imelda and Ferdinand was so effective that we were all captured and become prisoners of the lies of 1986. NOW THE WRITINGS ARE ALL OVER THE WALLS AND WE ARE STILL IGNORING THEM.

Here is Imelda Marcos speech at the Manila Hotel when she run for President in the 1998 Presidential Election. “I AM running for the Presidency, because beyond the ultimate end of politics which is justice for all, is because our sovereignty – the sovereignty of our country is in danger. The cory constitution of 1987 surreptitiously deleted the historical legal rights to our territories. And this will endanger our contry. “ says Imelda once more in 1998. Now tell me, who truly cares for our nation?
Whose to blame? The communist is one of them and they are the leftist. The Cory government is another and the ignorant people who went to Edsa in the pretext of a LIE. Well thanks God in His Greatness for truly he gave us the message through Buddha that “Three things cannot be long hidden, the Sun, the Moon and the TRUTH”. Now, use your power, your fb page, all your social media to make this viral. This needs to go viral. THIS MUST REACH THE WORLD WIDE WEB VIRALLY. WE ARE ALL IN DANGER. OUR FAMILIES, OUR WAY OF LIVING, OUR TRADITION, OUR SOCIETY, OUR CULTURE.
Watch Imelda R. Marcos warning on this video titled “Ipinaglaban ni Imelda Marcos ang Spratly's pero wala silang pake.”
Here I the link.https://www.facebook.com/Ferdinandmarcosthegreat/videos/753909981421553/

Here's more revelation for those who do not know the facts of what truly happened. I will be sharing more articles of this sort throughout the week for the young generation and feel free to ask me any questions on comments or on inbox. You can also go to my wall and share anything you may find interesting. smile emoticon
"Throughout 1985, President Ronald Reagan defended the American relationship with the Philippines and with President Marcos, despite the fact that Secretary of State Shultz and Deputy Secretary Wolfowitz openly disagreed with that assessment, instead demanding Marcos's head."

How the 1986 'people power revolution' was engineered by the United States

Now tell me, sino talaga ang may tunay na malasakit sa bayan?

Sa mga nagkasala kay Imelda, wala syang galit sa mga ito. Bagkus ay isa-isa silang lumalapit muli sa kanya. Tingnan ang mga sumusunod na litrato.  If a picture paint a thousand words then this says it all.
Ang mga naging leader ng 1986 power grab ay isa-isang lumapit kay Imelda.  Bakit kaya?

Una muna, let us remind ourselves of the main players of 1986.  Here is the three players Honasan, Ramos and Enrile.  Also, let it be known that Cory was never a leader of 1986 although in fairness to her she just became a symbolic leader but she was never there in the streets when EDSA 1986 was happening between the two military camps.
Then in 1998, si Honasan ang unang nakitang kasama si Imelda na waring nagsasabing nagkamali ito sa kanyang naging desisyon nung 1986.  Here is the photo of Imelda and Honasan during the 1998 campaign for the Presidency in which Imelda has to eventually abandon due to threat of life.AND  NOW, the greatest moment of them all is when Enrile was pictured and endorsed the son of his previous boss whom he helped move out of power.  Di ba ironic talaga?  Sa larawan ay makikitang nakipag kamay si Enrile at lumapit kay Imelda.Si Ramos na lang ang di pa nakikipagbati.


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