Bakit sinusupres (being suppressed) sa taong bayan ang ginawang Marcos Foundation para sa kapakanan at ikakabuti ng bayan?
Alam nyo bang ang Marcos Foundation ay sinulat din ng dating Presidente with aggreement from his most loving wife Imelda Romualdez Marcos para sa taong bayan?  Hindi kaya ito ang dahilan kong bakit tinanggal at siniraan ng mga dayuhan si Marcos sa pamamagitan ng 16 International Public Relations Firms na base sa New York at Washington, D.C. para hindi makinabang ang taong bayan?

The Diary of Ferdinand MArcos dated January 1 , 1970 have only one surviving document at this time. it can be found on this link , this diary only made to public to shed light to many confuse People who did not know the truth.

January 1,
1969 1970
I start a daily written record of my second term in office as President. This will be kept in loose-leaf so that all kinds of materials may be attached to the binder. Thus the background should be a treatise on the elections of 1969. This will be composed of my critique as well as the commentaries on the technique of victory.
New Year – Left Ising’s Party for VP Agnew and the Foreign Ministers at 11:00 PM so that we could welcome New Year with the children. They were trying out the Bocaue sparklers at the garden and fountain in front of the main gate. Hope we did not break Ising’s party as VP and Mrs. Agnew followed us home and he tried a few sparklers himself before he went to bed.
Mass at 12:40 – Sleep at 1:30 AM. Woke up at 7:00; back to bed to wake up and talk to VP and Mrs. Agnew up to 9:00 AM. 
Yesterday I finally transferred all of my worldly possessions to the Filipino people through the Ferdinand E. Marcos Foundation. I have been planning this for many years but I felt that the beginning of my second term was the most propitious time. This was a decision arrived at after a long deliberation and was not the result of pique, anger, despair or emotion – Nor is it due to a sense of guilt because some the funds come from the Yamashita treasure – Nor is it just a political stunt. I have no further political plans.
And it seems a burden has been lifted from my shoulders.
The surprising thing is that the reaction of the people seem to be of no consequence to me. It was a noble act waiting to be done. I feel I am above all the pettiness of men and I look down on them with some contempt but with a counterbalance of understanding.
DECEMBER 31, 1969
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DECEMBER 31, 1969
I have today given away by general instrument of transfer all my worldly possessions to the Filipino people through a foundation to be organized known as the Marcos Foundation.
Moved by the strongest desire and the purest will to set the example of self-denial and self-sacrifice for all our people, I have today decided to give away all my worldly possessions so that they may serve the greater needs of the greater number of our people.
It is my wish that these properties will be used in advancing education, science, technology and the arts.
This act I undertake of my own free will, knowing that my need of material possessions will, having always been a simple man, my needs will always be lesser that those of many of our people, who have given me the highest honor within their gift, an honor unshared by any one of my predecessors and not likely to be shared by any one else in the future no other Filipino leader.
Since about a year ago, I have asked my closest some of very my closest confidants to study the mechanics of this decision. Today studies have been completed, and a foundation will be formed to administer these properties and all funds that may be generated therefrom.
My wife, Imelda, is in agreement with this decision. Provisions will be made for my children, so that they shall be assured of satisfactory education and be prepared to meet their lifetime duties and endeavors.
For the moment, my most sincere hope is that this
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humble act shall set the example and move to greater deeds of unselfishness and compassion, many of our countrymen whose position in society gives them a stronger duty to minister to the needs of our less fortunate brothers and countrymen.

History is written by the Victors it is said.  EVEN IF IT IS A LIE.  But need not worry because as Buddha has said, "Three things cannot be long hidden, the Sun, the Moon and the TRUTH".  And 30 years on after the victors of the Edsa coup'd'etat and power grab has written their narrative and lies about Ferdinand Edralin Marcos and Imelda Romualdez Marcos - truth is NOW UNRAVELING and it is unraveling so fast the LIERS are being suffocated with their own lies and TRUTH SEEKERS are being called revisionist. 

Marcos never was a Dictator as has been feed to the masses.  How can a dictator do it alone?  It is like playing'PATINTERO' (Traditional Game in the Philippines) by yourself, IN IT?

Truth is Marcos consulted all the pillars of a strong republic such as the Judiciary, the Legislative,

Dapat nga magpasalamat ang taong-bayan kay Ferdinand Edralin Marcos dahil ang Philippine peso/money is backed up by the Marcos gold which Ferdinand Marcos owns even before he became a Congressman. Truth will set us all free.  This information is being shared to you all so that we may all Co-Create a beautiful future here on Earth.

How can we call Marcos a Dictator when he has all these elections during his term. ?  Fifteen (15) elections in twenty (20) years in power.  It is like almost having an election every year - kinulang lang ng five more elections and it is every year na.  Under a Dictatorship, no election is ever allowed.  Under a Dictatorship, NO elective officials are allowed ONLY appointed officials.   Action speaks louder than words and that is always the case in judging a man of his good and bad deeds.  If we want to label Ferdinand Marcos then we should call him "A Great Democrat" and not a Dictator because all his actions points to that evidence.

Shall we then put things in perspective EH?  Truth of the matter is that history only looked at documentary evidence NOT on the emotional narrative of Victors in an event that would lie to all till eternity.  Truth of the matter is that Marcos was the real winner of the 1986 elections.  See the documentary evidence here. (Please click here for the evidence).  Truth of the matter is that the Edsa 1 was a MANUFACTURED REVOLUTION.  Do not believe me, do your own research and you may start with the book Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: The shocking story of how America really took over the world.  That book will tell you how to manufacture a revolution.  Truth may be slow in coming out but once it is out, no amount of army can stop it and that is precisely what is happening now with the truth about the Marcoses and how we as Filipinos were duped into participating in a revolution hell bent on destroying our nation and stealing our gold and natural resources and NOW dumb - ing down our society through the introduction of the K 12 Education program.  Look at what is happening in the USA, that is what will happen to the Philippines if we are not to stop this madness.  You want evidence?  Read The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, Revised and Abridged Edition

Now back to Action Speaks louder than words.  Marcos is not a Dictator for he never appointed anyone to a job that is meant to be only elected by the people.  If there is a Dictator in the Philippines, By Their Action Yee Shall Be Known - that is Cory Aquino. Why?  Because, when the power grab became successful and Cory ordered the Kidnapping of President Marcos (Click here for evidence) - she then removed from their elective office ALL those who were elected by the people to serve them and replaced them with OIC -  Officers In Charge.  This is a fact that no one can deny.

Now tell me who is a real Dictator by their action and corroborated with documentary evidence. Marcos may have been an Authoritatian from the time he declared Martial Law until January 17, 1981 when it was lifted but Marcos was never a dictator and that is supported with documentations and historical account too.

To quote Teddy 'Boy' Locsin's words, "Marcos TEMPORARILY Suspended DEMOCRACY to SAVE Democracy because of the threat of COMMUNISM in the 70s".

Now, do not accuse people who look at documentation and historical account as revisionist because their is nothing to revise in TRUTHFULNESS.

PHILIPPINES BURRIED SECRETS , The Diary of Ferdinand Marcos dated January 1 , 1970

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