Si Marcos lang ang nakagawang mabuwag ang oligarkiya sa bansa natin kaya naman abot abot ang pangyuyurak nila sa pagkatao ni Marcos magpasahangang ngayon. 

Sasabihin pa nila tumataas daw ang GDP ng bansa natin pero di man lang binangit kung paano ang distribusyon nito. 35% ng GDP ay napupunta sa gobyerno sa pamamagitan ng TAX, EVAT at mga public fees, yung 25% napupunta sa mga oligarchs katulad nila Henry Sy, Ayala, Tan, Lopez at Cojuanco, yung 10% sa mga mayayaman, 20% sa middle class at yung 10% ay sa mga mahihirap. Isipin nyo 90% of 110 million total population ng Pilipinas ay binubuo ng middle class at mga mahihirap tapos bale 30% lang ng GDP ang share nila, samantalang yung mga oligarch wala pang 50 thousand ang estimated numbers ay 25% ang share sa GDP. 

Wag po sana tayo magpalinlang sa mga binabalita nila dahil tanging ang mga oligarchs at mga mayayaman lang ang lubos na nakikinabang.

Philippine politicians
The Philippine political elite are usually either members of, or else are backed by, the oligarchy. They are virtually a class, whose prime goal is to win elections and to assure that the interests of their families and/or oligarchic patrons are protected. To protect the family welfare, powerful families transform their electoral offices into lasting family assets, building “political dynasties.” Whether they are members of the elite or not, throughout their political career politicians need to build, maintain and expand their network with elite families in their city, province and other parts of the archipelago.

Philippine politics has been very much an “Oligarch vs Oligarch” affair until the appearance of the likes of non-oligarchs like Raul Roco and Dick Gordon.
Prior to that, whether its an Aquino, a Roxas, an Estrada, a Macapagal – it doesn’t really matter – they are all the same.

Thus, I find it idiotic when Noynoy says – “Walang mahirap, kung walang corrupt” because, if there was no poverty in the first place, people don’t have to resort to corruption.

How did poverty take root – in the first place? History 101 – a select few were granted vast landholdings through colonial edict – the hacienderos – the precursors of today’s oligarchs.

Now it becomes more ironic when the masses will vote into the presidency, the very person who represents everything that caused their misery – it is pathetically tragic.  How can Noynoy be the answer to the problem, when he himself and his merry band of oligarchs – is the problem?

The entry of a non-oligarch candidate who has done much and in a selfless manner augurs well for the country, but only to the extent that the electorate will give said candidate a mandate to transform the Philippines.

Let’s not kid ourselves – the oligarchs are here to stay and are very much weaved into the fabric and history of Philippine society. We have friends who happen to be… or got married to.. or became.. oligarchs.

They are as Filipino as the rest of us, In asking for transformation we are not asking for the destruction of the oligarchy – we are simply creating a level playing field where the oligarchy and the Joe Schmoe can both thrive.Let us not waste this opportunity to level the playing field.


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