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(1.) Pres. Ferdinand Emmanuel E. Marcos used 486,273 Billion of pesos in 20 years of service (1965-1986)

(2.) President Aquino used 1, 077,895 Trillion of pesos in 6 years of service (1986-1991)

(3.) President Ramos used 2,237,907 Trillion of pesos in 6 years of service (1992-1997)

NOTE: Inflation rate is not an excuse here, because the presidents after Marcos are didn't built a long term infrastructures/projects and they are JUST IN six (6) years in service.

Cory Aquino spend P 1, 077,895 TRILLION but accomplished "nothing."

OH? Sino ang corrupt? - Source : 1995 NSO year BOOK.

The truth will set us free.

THE HEART BREAKING TRUTH!!! OH? Sino ngayon ang mas corrupt?

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