Former President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos built a massive infrastructure program and had other achievements while succeeding Presidents had little to show despite their huge budgets.  Why oh why?

Let's analyze this, shall we?

According to the 197 Philippine Yearbook’s summary of Government Expenditures from 1966 to 1997, President Marcos has the least budget and yet has the most accomplishment that is still being used today and benefiting a lot of Filipinos to this very day.  I guess Ilocano nga si Marcos. 

President F.E. Marcos
1965-1986 (20 years budget)  P 486,273 Billion

President C. Aquino
1986-1991 (6 years)                P 1,077,895 Trillion which is double that of Marcos.

President F. Ramos
1992-1997 (6 years)                P 2,237,907 Trillion which is almost five times that of the budget of Marcos and yet Marcos has more infrastructure and projects done.

The above are source from the National Statictics office.

But how about President B.S. Aquino which was called a Pork Barrel King in this report.  Well, perhaps it is not really surprising to be called that when you have this numbers in your budget.  Have a look below and get ready with your sick bag.

President B.S. Aquino budget yearly since he assumed office in 2010

1.645 Trillion for 2011 alone, a budget for one year only which is three times more than the budget of President Ferdinand Marcos whose budget for 20 years is only 486,273 Billion and has visible projects still of use today.

1.816 Trillion 2012 alone, this makes Marcos budget so meager it makes him a symbol for being an Ilocano that is known to be thrifty.  Yet, we have all the known specialized hospitals being used today built during Marcos time and is being sold by the present government.  Why is the Filipino people not angry at this?

2.006 Trillion 2013 alone, again adding insult to injury for the misery of the Filipino masses.  Tapos ang MRT laging sira at sobra-sobra ang misery ng mga passengers sa haba ng pila at sa dami ng delays at aksidente.

2.265 Trillion for 2014 alone, and yet only three senators are being investigated and the irony of it is that these senators are in the opposition.

Gosh, nahiya naman ako bigla sa budget ni Marcos.  Now, tell me who is the Hero and who is the villain?

Asan na ang mga Andres Bonifacio? ang mga Jose Rizal? ang mga hindi bayarang nag pro-protesta?  It is said that "the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".  Puro "selfie" na lang ba ang mga kabataan ngayon?  What a "selfie" generation and what a "selfie' attitude tapos magrereklamo bakit mababa ang mga sweldo.  Wag ka kayo pumasok at mag protesta kaya kayo araw araw with the ideals following that of Mahatma Gandhi and you will see that things will change overnight.  It will get better for all of you. PRAMIS LANG. PUSH PA NATIN 'TO!


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