I was an anti-Duterte until I watched his whole party proclamation speech almost 1.5 hours long. I proved my words wrong. I’m sorry.

1. He hates the Corruption in the Catholic church. He’s the only candidate who I heard talking about it. Corruption in the church is directly correlated to corruption in the govt & the society.

2. I have no issue with him cursing the pope. He said sorry & he didn’t mean it. He’s lying.

3. He openly castigated the Catholic Church charging highly expensive fees to poor pinoys during Baptism, wedding, libing, etc. Brave man. Nobody touched the church. Sya lang!

4. He reminds me of Jose Rizal, ang mga patama nya sa mga Damaso. And Martin Luther.

5. He is giving us hints that we are poor & corrupt coz we are predominantly Catholic. He is very Pro-RH law. A Catholic who is Very anti-catholic.

6. He said that in 5 generations more, wala ng maniniwala sa Katoliko. Which is realistic.

7. He really wants to do something different in his 6 year term. He doesn’t want to follow the bad legacy of the past 6 presidents. Ayaw niya masisi at mamura, so he really needs to do something new. I can foresee REAL CHANGE in him.

8. Him being foul-mouthed, is part of his humour. If you heard only the short clips of cursing, you’ll hate him. I did.

9. He is full of Lies. White lies. About Poe, about killing, butchering, dictatorship, etc.

10. Him being a playboy is not really our business.

11. I think the way he openly say he will kill any criminal is a personification of the government forces lawfully killing criminals during operations. I oversimplified his statements. DDS turning to PDS is just my speculation.

12. I can see his sincerity in solving crime & corruption.

13. He didn’t choose Marcos.

14. I don’t think he is stupid enough to follow Marcos’ dictatorship, it will be his downfall.

15. He said he has same Patriotic ideologies with CPP-NPA but he is not NPA. Forming a coalition 
gov’t with them will stop them terrorizing the gov’t.

16. I’m feeling hopeful for him pushing for FEDERALISM. Decentralization of power & funds. Tatahimik talaga ang Muslim Mindanao, no need for BBL. He envisions a healthy competition among federal states.

17. Vulgar words aside, his platform is the most sensible of all the candidates. Pure substance, walang ka-plastican.

18. If he fails, nothing to lose. Lubog na dati ang Pinas.

19. Di sana sya ma-disqualify.


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VIRAL: DUTERTE SAYS Wala ng maniniwala sa Katoliko

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