First let me apologized for dragging the name of Sir. Duterte to my Post title, i just want to make sure you read all the contents here before judging him of saying '' Let’s not insist on ownership''  The presidential bet says leaving the issue of ownership behind can lead to a better deal with China if there is no progress with the international case being pursued by the Philippines  

We will not insist on the ownership for the simple reason that we cannot enforce our desire to own,” said Duterte

''Wag na nating ipilit na sa atin ang West Philippine Sea''-Maharlikan site

And for the benefits of all. let us point some logic reason why DUTERTE says so?



This is an open letter to all Maharlikans, the original name for the inhabitants of the Philippines.

Nowadays, one need Google Earth only to determine exactly where these islands legitimately belong to, with consideration to the 200 nautical mile economic exclusivity clause [EEZ] of the UN maritime law.

But why is China asserting its illegitimate claims over the Kalayaan or Spratly Group of Islands? Is she just simply bullying smaller countries as Obama said? Or, is there a deeper rationale why these infrastructures are needed to be put in place.
Just as NATO removed the legitimate government in Kiev in favor of a Nazi regime to threaten Russia, the United States will also try to reestablish its military foothold in this country solely for the purpose of containing China, in the very near future.

The mainstream media, foreign and domestic, are now dedicating full pages of articles with satellite images of Chinese turbocharged reclamation efforts in the area as only China could do. This is to inflame our countrymen’s sentiment against the Chinese in the hope of pushing the public to approve the United States long-held plan to reestablish military installations in the country once again.
Are there any legitimate signs that China is really planning to invade or annex the country for its own advantage? Does China have imperialistic ambitions, historically or otherwise, in the first place?
When was the last time China invaded a country for its own vested agenda?

Is China throwing her full weight over territories like Taiwan and Hong Kong, both unquestionably Chinese lands? Or, is she allowing these territories considerable independence, in deep contrast to the United States firm grip on nations like Japan and the Philippines through its covert use of geo-electromagnetic weapons like HAARP?
Or, is China only preparing to secure the Maritime Silk Road for the common economic and geopolitical advantage of Asian nations?

Objectively, why aren’t we questioning the real motives of the United States with its 1,000+ military bases around the globe? Isn’t that an over-extended empire already, and for whose gains?


After the Philippine Senate decided to terminate the US military bases in 1991, the long dormant Mt. Pinatubo erupted covering much of Luzon with ash causing significant environmental disaster for years. Was HAARP used to induce its eruption?

The fact is: China is the only country in Asia left unconquered by any foreign powers and for that she remains independent in her views and geopolitical decisions, unlike the Philippines which, by all indications, is still being run by the Spaniards through the Jesuits controlling critical institutions of the country: government, media, educational and religious. This is the cause by which the majority of the population is not capable of critical thinking and independent viewpoints.

The Jesuits endless injections of political intrigue throughout Asia has plunged the region into endless territorial disputes. This of course is preceded by the establishment of national borders or corporate entities to divide the regions for imperial conquest.

The current roster of leaders, all educated by the West, is having a hard time establishing a unified policy and plan of actions that truly serve the interests of the Filipino.

Historically, the Maharlikan Kingdom stretched even to the Russia-Japan disputed islands and the Kingdom of Hawaii to our Northeast, and Da Nhang, Vietnam, to the West. This may sound hogwash today, but prior to the 10th century only seafarers from our land were interested in these small islands. Now, the superpowers are realizing their strategic importance. They are all fighting over it, to our detriment of course.
Historically and culturally, China has no geopolitical ambitions similar to that of the West, but the misplaced allegiance of the Philippine leadership towards the United States is keeping China restless.

So, when China decides that it must take these drastic actions because no other country in Asia could do so, considering the disunity among Asians in dislodging the real enemy of the region which is the Jesuit Vatican/Khazarian Mafia controlling the United States and the United Nations, both corporate entities, shouldn’t we applaud the effort?

For thousands of years, China is already a superpower both in military and economic terms, but she never attempted to subjugate its neighbors. Even recently, it is still trying to rekindle the ancient mechanism for fostering peaceful coexistence by reviving the Silk Road through her “One Belt, One Road” program of which the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank [AIIB] is a critical component, and for which the Philippines is also among its founding members.
Culturally, how much of our blood is Chinese nowadays? Even the presidency from Marcos to the present, has Chinese blood in them. Or, even the late Dr. Jose Rizal had Chinese blood running his veins when it was spilt gloriously during his murder at the hands of the ruthless Jesuit firing squad in Bagumbayan at the turn of the last century. So, why are we afraid of China?
China doesn’t need to invade us. She’s already here.
The Chinese blood, culture and tradition are already part of the country’s DNA for millennia. The West is just trying to take this country as its own vassal, so it could launch regional wars for control of the region’s natural resources, just like it is doing now in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Ukraine.
The United States will never send its troops and materiel to help us, for it cannot serve other countries’ interest but her own.

So, when China does something, it’s pretty sure it’s not out of childish whims or exceptional arrogance. China doesn’t think like we do. Its leaders are smarter and wiser than our leaders are, sadly.
We have a weak leadership, incoherent national policies and disunited people because it is planned and designed that way by our conquerors, which ironically, we continue to kneel in their own house of worship. The national economic figures do not reflect the true living conditions of the majority but only those of the Makati Business Club.

We are a conquered people psychologically, economically, technologically and most profoundly, Spiritually.

It is for these reasons why the ASEAN issued a statement recently that it will not seek to antagonize China, effectively ignoring the Western leaning Philippine leadership’s recent anti-China rhetoric.
China is not the real enemy, the satanists Jesuit Vatican / Nazi-CIA / Khazarian Mafia of the West are.
The sooner you realize and accept these unfortunate inconvenient facts, the sooner will you free yourselves from the bondage of multi-generational slavery and ignorance. Our country is among the poorest in Southeast Asia, not by force majeure, but through the deliberate application of scientific methods in social engineering by the West.
If all of the above assessments may be too much for you, consider the fact that on April 16th, the Philippines participated in the 4th Annual Moscow Conference on International Security [MCIS] which is a coalition of military organizations that are tired of the imperialistic armed interference of the West.

Is the Philippines now cooperating covertly with China by allowing the construction of air and sea ports, among other military installations?

Don’t just take a small slice of the story. Make the effort of knowing the Whole Truth. Dig deeper.


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