In an interview of Presidential aspirant VP Binay, he said Duterte never disclosed that he was suffering a psychological disorder which was shown in court records 15 years ago during his annulment with wife Elizabeth Zimmerman.

TV Patrol also reported that Mayor Duterte was suffering from "Antisocial Narcissistic Personality Disorder" or extreme self-conceit.

What we do not know about this kind of sickness is that it has a good side or benefit. A psychology graduate named Karina Regino tells something about being a narcissistic person.

According to her, she's glad to know that Mayor Duterte is a narcissistic. Kindly read her explanation below.

They said that Mayor Duterte is having psychological disorder called Narcissistic Personality Disorder. As a psychology graduate and a MBA-HRM student, I am glad to know that he is a narcissistic person. Do you know the reason why? Because according to the recent research entitled leadership and narcissistic personality disorder done by the Harvard University School of Business, that a leader having a Narcissistic personality disorder (like Mayor Duterte) is a great visionary, creates multitude of follower or creates greater score to the followers, very productive, have the greater chance to change the very rules of the game (politics and business), operational manager, and above all have the audacity to push through the massive transformations that society periodically undertakes. The research added that narcissists have always emerged to inspire people and to shape the future of a company or a nation.

The great minds of the history of humankind like Napoleon Bonaparte (French Revolution in which oligarch had been pull down in France), famous scientists like Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and other prominent scientist, former US President Roosevelt, Mahatma Gandhi of India (lead the Indian Independence from British colonizers) and other prominent politicians had Narcissistic personality.

Now, our country needs radical and genuine change from poverty, corruption, criminality and illegal drugs. Our country needs to be freed from the oligarchs, who ruled us abusively and gain real independence from neo-colonialism of the foreign invaders.

Other candidates, like Roxas (incompetent), Binay (corrupt) and Poe (inexperience and liar) do not possess psycho-personality like Mayor Duterte.Always remember that what our country needs today is a leadership like Mayor Duterte.

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Harvard University Explain The ''Narcissistic Personality Disorder'' OF MAYOR DUTERTE (Everyone Must Read)

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