The Vatican manipulates the Philippines through its exploitation of the Roman Catholic church. Most Filipinos see the Vatican as the head of the Roman Catholic faith which is of course incorrect. The Vatican is only the administrative department of the Roman Catholic church but not the church nor the head of the church.

The church is the people and the head of the church is Christ, not the Vatican. But many Filipinos revere the Vatican and take whatever the Vatican says as divine- the same Vatican involved in many atrocities throughout time.

The Vatican almost made a martyr out of the scientist Galileo Galilie. In the Philippines, Vatican hands are stained with the blood of Gomburza (that is, Fathers Gomez, Burgoz, and Zamora) in 1872, and in 1896, that of Rizal. Anyone who would review Philippine history would see the dark silhouette of Vatican behind the death of Rizal.

Spain had no reason to execute Rizal but had all the reasons to keep Rizal alive because of his affinity with Spain. Spain could have used Rizal if Spain decided to grant liberal reforms, or independence, to the Philippines. But Vatican interest was stronger than Spain.

I guess Rizal in his life had thought so many times why the friars in the Philippines were so domineering and tyrannical. I believe Rizal found Spain as was not exactly the enemy as Rizal saw who was really wearing the Spanish crown and wielding power in the Philippines. But Rizal had to awaken first the mind, soul, the innermost being of the Filipinos.

The Vatican made a martyr out of Rizal and left his blood in the hands of Spain (just like Pharisees putting the death of Jesus in the hands of Rome- which Pilate symbolically washed away). But the execution of Rizal was 114 years ago and the death of Rizal may not anymore interest many Filipinos today. But how about just 27 years ago? On August 21, 1983? The bucket of mystery on the assassination of Ninoy stopped at Danding Cojuangco.

But who owns the bucket? Some say Danding had a multi-million dollar reason to eliminate Ninoy, but the Vatican, at the same time had a multi-TRILLION dollar reason to cut down the power of Marcos who wrested the control of Philippine gold from Vatican hands. And what could be the best scheme to shut down the entire Marcos machinery? Nothing else.... but the martyrdom of Ninoy,

Oct. 14, 2010-Azaz
The mortal organization Vatican cannot forever oppose the immortal God. But can Pope Benedict XVI do a Gorbachev?If he does, the Pope should bring along with him a company of German special forces. The Swiss sentinels around the Pope may have grounded their loyalty to the organization, and not to the Pope, and not to Christ anymore.

 A reformation of this magnitude would bring the Roman Catholic church to its foundation of humility, poverty and holiness.

There would be a wealth of information on the Philippines if those archives are opened: the inventory of Philippine gold and the list of Filipino royalties, the dispatches between Manila and Vatican during the trial of Rizal, the dispatches between Manila, Vatican, Washington and Madrid preluding the the Fil-American war, the files of Severino Garcia Santa Romana, ex-Pres. Ferdinand Marcos, and Sen. Benigno Aquino Jr. I will not be surprised if one large room is devoted to Philippine records.

 After all, the Philippines has been the Vatican's colony for hundreds of years as well as a major source of Vatican income. Is the reformation of the Roman Catholic church possible? Of course it is. Even God reformed heaven and ejected Lucifer along with one-third of the angels. It is a change that should be done and be done as soon as possible because God's patience is not eternal with regards to evil.

The Roman Catholic church will reform because God demands its reformation whether the church likes it or not. And when it reforms and changes, where will the Philippines be? I believe most will be dumbfounded of the overwhelming revelations.

Can the Philippines nobly and sagaciously handle the information and wealth that will come before them? Will Filipinos be defused of arrogant ignorance by the time they are needed to react? God works day and night and at least we should be aware of it for our self-imposed ignorance is unacceptable on a matter that should be of national interest.

Oct. 31, 2010-Azaz
Two weeks ago, no. of views on this tread I remember was 49,949. I was looking forward to greeting our readers as views reach the 50,000 mark in a week's time. But I noticed it went down to 48,000 and now slowly climbing to 49,000 again. Was somebody able to hack AF and did a "dagdag-bawas" or "bawas-dagdag".

 Anyway, maybe it was a computer glitch or my mistake in looking at the tally. Our tread here has attracted the attention of all kinds of people and organizations. To all, hello. As a Roman Catholic, I have already given some out of the ordinary contributions to the church, like, an article on the biblical perspective on death penalty that was taken in a Philippine senate interpellation at the height of the discussion on the issue on Feb. 2, 1993, while, two other biblical perspective articles were acknowledged by the late Jaime Cardinal Sin. His personally signed letters of acknowledgement are now treasures to me. Therefore,

I believe no one can say that I write against our Roman Catholic church nor the Vatican per se. It is just that the light of reason (as Rizal would say) has been exposing the hundreds of years of damages inflicted by the insidious Vatican interest in the Philippines that has not only deprived this land of its ancient wealth but also has taken its nationalist, patriots and statesmen. Some fear chaos because of this truth but it is just a probable consequence after being awaken from a state of ignorance. Are you going to wait for a pandemonium?

 It cannot be suppressed because no one can block God's Truth and Will. It will be like a rushing river breaking through and crushing man made fabrications. All these years, you think you have withstood the pressure and remained unnoticed but God is just waiting for you to be puffed up with pride and confidence, and then He will open the gates of truth, and the flood will overwhelm you. Vatican, you cannot go against God. Remove your fabrications and release Filipinas. You executed Dr. Jose Rizal because he directly opposed you.

You collaborated with the Americans to annihilate the Filipino republic when you had no more use for Spain to secure the gold for yourself. Your silhouette draped the assassination of our supposedly future president before, Sen. Benigno S. Aquino Jr.--- a scheme that toppled Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos who took the control of Philippine gold from your hands. The souls of our patriots have become immortal and have seen the end of your treachery.

The Vatican was the steward of Philippine ancestral wealth that was not only confined to gold but accounts say also included diamonds (half million 10 carats pieces) and maybe other jewels. I believe the Vatican has a historical record on the owners and amount deposited in Fort Santiago under Vatican stewardship. Todd Alphine used to say that truth on issues with this kind of enormity trickles down to us by bits and pieces. I found this video below that may give us (not all, but) some bits or pieces of truth:

The bubble won't burst Trismegistos. It's made of pure gold. You can pierce it though. If, by any chance, the Vatican releases its old and very secret records on Philippine gold, and it's 1,000,000 metric tons and over, you have to to treat me at a restaurant of my choice in Intramuros. But, if it's less, even just one bar short of 1M MT, then, you don't have to treat me...Fair deal. God bless the Philippines!

Ah, and how about Pepe, the beloved son of Filipinas? We point our fingers to Spain but Spain was already deep in liberalism at that time. Pepe and his compatriots could freely thrash Spain at the heart of Madrid but not in Manila where the Vatican, wearing the Spanish crown, reigned. Spain was opened to reforms, and probably even independence, for the Philippines, but the Vatican was not. Spanish governor generals who openly showed benevolence toward Filipinos and defied Vatican interest were condemned. Filipino clergies who encroached into and threatened Vatican interest were executed. Pepe witnessed that in 1872. Twenty-four years later, Pepe would march to the same place, hands tied, and at his final moment, turned and faced three layers of executioners: a Filipino firing squad in front, a Spanish firing squad behind, and not very far back, the Vatican clergies. They hated Pepe so much not knowing that God was with Pepe and not with them (just like the Pharisees at the Crucifixion of Jesus). They did not like an Indio to reign over these islands and be the master of its wealth and chart its destiny. Give to us what belongs to us. Leave us if you will not help us, touch us not and hurt us no more.

Aug. 4, 2010-Azaz
It became complicated when Col.Severino Santa Garcia Romana aka Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz, at the onset of World War II, started securing the gold and worked with the United States OSS (the precursor of the CIA) along with the young lawyer Ferdinand E. Marcos. From that time on, many stories came up on where the gold was transfered and deposited. Eventually facts about Philippine ancestral gold were mixed with the so-called Yama$hita treasure. Today, banks around the world holding gold traceable to the Philippines are torn between two claimants: the Diaz umbrella and the Marcos umbrella. Both, I believe, are having a hard time in fully controlling the said wealth because the banks seem to be exercising some form of moral restrain in releasing the assets to anyone. The banks still want to know the assets' true owners and origin (and I think the longer it takes, the better for the banks). The question of true ownership can be helped resolve if the Vatican steps into its centuries old obligation and releases its very old secret inventory of Philippine ancestral wealth.

Aug. 13, 2010-Azaz
Good inputs up there Trismegistos. I think it suggests that these global elites had infiltrated (or helped put up or supported) influential governments and world institutions a very long time ago, and moves in unison as they detect major threats like, Dr. Jose Rizal, and the independence of the Philippines. Most of our readers may think I am just opening old wounds but I think the wound created by those few people to the Philippines may have healed but remained opened. Hasn't anyone wondered why the Philippines has always been pushed away from international limelight, repressed, taken for granted? In spite of being the only predominantly Catholic nation in Asia teeming with lots of progressive intellectuals in religious vestures,

the Philippines has never produced a Pope. In spite of producing so many scientist (never won the Nobel), inventors and engineers ahead of its Asian neighbors, Filipinos have never produced its own car (or mass rail transportation), constructed its own aircraft, extract and exploit its own natural resources, that could have applied its human resources and made it self-sufficient in many aspects of life. But no, it seems that the Philippines was intended not to excel and be a self-sufficient nation. And unless this is checked, this will go on to generations to come: a people dispersed as servants to other countries. Service is a noble but to serve and to be looked down upon like a lower creature is another thing. I remember a documentary in GMA-7 on Filipino women (girls) deep in white slavery in Sabah. They say they are given as birthday gifts to police officers there in Sabah.

 Has our government been able to rescue them? I don't know. It was a year ago. And most probably those girls are still there though their plight was shown on national TV. And that is just in Sabah. How about in other parts of the world? How are our supposed heroes, OFWs, are being treated? They can be your parents, brothers or sisters. Filipinos are looked down upon even by some foreigners already here in the Philippines, what more in foreign countries. Some years ago, I spoke with a Filipino consul based in Germany. She said their consulate, that time, had turned into a dormitory for pregnant Filipinas victimized and abused because of "Mail to Order" brides that became prevalent in the 90s.

Yes, the wound created by the death of Rizal and the First Philippine Republic may have healed, but it has remained opened, because the cure has not been administered.

Aug. 27, 2010-Azaz
Many of us are still mourning the sad events transpired few days ago. Yes, higaynon, that is a clear disinformation. It says that their history began in 1944 or 1945. Our Philippine gold history is way beyond that time. Our tread here seems to be like a light creeping into darkness disturbing creatures in it.

Anyway, if the banks do need some explanations on the origin of those gold bullion traceable to the Philippines inside their vaults, and if they cannot decide between the Diaz umbrella and the Marcos umbrella, and if they cannot get any overt or discreet information and confirmation from the Vatican, and if they still decide to exercise some form of moral restrain in releasing the assets, then I suggest the banks supererogate--- do beyond the normal call of duty: officially inform and ask the assistance of the Philippine government to help resolve the question of ownership.

 It can be the Office of the President, the Philippine Congress, or the Supreme Court of the Philippines, or the three of them simultaneously (since any transaction with regards to Philippine gold does involve some authentication from some Philippine government agencies) .

The banks can get some NGOs as third party or even some representatives from the International Court of Justice, or any international organizations of their choice. Those assets, one way or the other, I believe, will be returned, so why wait so long. Your vaults might become less full but heart and integrity fuller for eternity.

 Set. 8, 2010-Azaz
Many are indeed after this Philippine ancestral wealth or Philippine gold. These groups would not waste time, money and elaborate presentations for a myth. Yes, a myth. Because that is how our leaders branded this issue after the inquiry of Father Marcelino Tagle, former head of Caritas Manila and Ten Outstanding Young Men awardee, on Oct. 1997 in the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee. Bits and pieces of that Senate inquiry says Fr. Tagle inquired about the lost 132,000 metric tons of gold from the vaults of the Central Bank of the Philippines (at $30 M per ton, that is roughly $3.96 Trillion). He also claimed to be an adviser of ex-Pres. Marcos on Philippine gold matters. Fr. Tagle? A priest? Adviser on gold?

 I believe that Fr. Tagle was not just an adviser to ex-Pres. Marcos but just like his predecessor, Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz (aka Col. Severino Garcia Santa Romana), was appointed by the steward of Philippine gold, the Vatican, to conduct an inventory of the physical gold in the Central Bank. Fr. Tagle claimed that he had 10 years of research on this matter, and I think, at some point in his research, Fr. Tagle turned his eyes to his poor country and realized that the gold does belong to his Pilipinas. 

He brought the matter to the Philippine Senate with plans how the gold can be recovered. But for some reasons, it was labeled a myth. Afterwhich, Fr. Tagle became a private person and now nowhere to be found. Who or what compelled our leaders to say that Philippine gold was a myth? I am just wondering, as steward of Philippine gold, does the Vatican benefit on the interest incurred by those bullion stacked in different banks around the world? The banks may shun the claims of Diaz, Marcos, or the Philippine government, but can the banks ignore the Vatican?

Sept. 17, 2010-Azaz
Of course, everyone in the world would like a piece of Philippine gold whatever groups they may belong. That is called natural interest which they translate into national interest. They are on square one. But the point is, I cannot see the Philippine government on square one. Labeling Philippine gold matters as a myth removes it from national interest and thereby gradually erases any memory about Philippine gold from national consciousness rendering it ridiculous.

 But it is not ridiculous to our old folks (older generations know that we have so much wealth or gold). It is not ridiculous to our Asian neighbors especially the Japanese (it as an open secret that many of them come here for treasure). It is not ridiculous to now-Congresswoman Imelda Marcos, Jaime Licauco, John Arcane, Todd Alphine, Fr. Marcelino Tagle, Tarciana Rodriguez, and the so many foreign groups out there. And above all, it is not ridiculous to the banks holding those assets. You can actually hear inside your mind the world shouting "Philippines! Rise up! You are so rich! Help yourself and help us!" 

But how can the banks (let's say if they want to) holding gold assets traceable to the Philippines, coordinate with the Philippines when the Philippine government itself labeled Philippine gold a myth. It was a master stroke that alienated trustees, holders, fake or real, big or small, Diaz or Marcos, and mind conditioned many Filipinos into perpetual poverty.

Yes you can mention the PCGG but its mandate is limited to Marcos wealth. No one can fully appreciate the grandeur of Philippine gold if research is confined to the Marcos wealth because there was Severino Garcia Santa Romana, there were ancient Flipino royalties, and there is the Vatican. There are really many things that fit into their right places whenever the Vatican piece is put in this puzzle. It really brings the mind back to the two Novels of Rizal. Both aimed its enmity, not to Spain, but to the friars of the Vatican.

We should remember that Rizal refused an all out war against Spain, and after Dapitan, chose to sail to Cuba to serve the Spanish army as a doctor. Rizal loved Spain (and I think Spain understood Rizal and wanted to save him from the Vatican clergies in the Philippines). I believe that Rizal at that time already knew that Spain was not the Filipinos' oppressor anymore.

Now going back to square one, where is the Philippine government? The Philippines does not need to protect the image of the Vatican at the expense of the economic suffering of its people and the non-development of its country. Yes, I believe that there are pious individuals in the Vatican but we should remember that the Vatican is only just an earthly state, not Heaven. And just like any ordinary state, the Vatican naturally upholds its interest around the world, especially here in the Philippines, its faithful "colony", with or without regard to the interest of other states or people. I am a Catholic and remain to be a Catholic. I believe God has nothing to do with Vatican affairs that oppose God's will. 

I cannot find any other reason of the sudden turnaround of American policy on the Philippines during that time. The United States would always like to be seen as a beacon of democracy and definitely got accolades among the Filipinos in Manila (and nearby provinces) after Dewey sunk Montojo's fleet. America's initial plan was just to get Spain out of the Philippines, recognize Philippine independence, and probably acquire an adequately large port from the Filipinos, for their focus is the market of China. Americans would not spend $20 Million to take the Philippines from Spain (Spain was already defeated on the waters by the US Navy, and on land, by Aguinaldo's forces) and go to war with the Filipinos, and spend more, unless they saw something inside the walls of Intramuros, particularly inside Fort Santiago, more valuable than Alaska (the United States in 1867 purchased Alaska, which is more than six times the land area of the Philippines, from Russia, and luckily without a premeditated war against the Eskimos, for only $7.6 Million---that created an uproar in the United States!). Yes, I think, that large bullion of Philippine gold was already stacked inside the tunnels of Fort Santiago when Dr. Jose Rizal was writing his Last Farewell. Rizal literally sat on top of the wealth of his ancestors. And that is more than 40 years before World War II or that Yama$hita treasure. I am not disregarding the existence of Wold War II treasures but I believe Philippine ancestral gold is distinct and separate. The $987 Billion Belgian Gold Certificate that former First Lady Imelda Marcos now holds, representing around 30,000 metric tons (the 5% attorney's fee of Santa Romana pre-WWII lawyer ex-Pres. Ferdinand Marcos), is a glaring attestation to that.

Now going back 100 years ago, after an expensive purchase of the Philippines, an expensive and bloody war against the Filipinos, the United States was said to have spent $2 Billion for the beautification of Manila. Now where would they get that money without creating uproar from the US Congress and at a time when World War I was looming in the horizon.

July 29, 2010-Azaz
Fort Santiago was indeed the repository of Philippine ancestral gold that probably accrued in over 300 years of Spanish rule. But why in the Spanish hands? Why did the Spaniards not haul all of it to Spain? Because I believe that Spain was simply a protector (by providing security being a world power at that time) of Philippine gold, but not the steward. Then, who was the steward of Philippine gold? In the early years of Spanish colonization of the Philippines, our ancestors, though naturally suspicious of foreigners, and an underlying disgust of Spanish military and civil authorities, historical accounts say, were able to build harmonious relation with the Missionaries and the Religious (European and Spanish priest, friars, etc.). 

This relation probably developed into cooperation and mutual trust at some point in our history. A point wherein our ancestors, now lacking local warriors (lost probably in support of other Spanish expeditions in the region) to protect their wealth, need outside help to secure it. But above all, they did not trust Spain. I believe our ancestors were able to relay this concern to the early Missionaries and Religious, and together, were able to come up with a solution. Our ancestors deposited their wealth under the care of the Missionaries and the Religious of mixed nationalities but bounded together in ultimate allegiance, not to to their countries of origin, not to Spain, but to a higher and more powerful state: the Vatican. 

Therefore the Vatican became the steward of Philippine ancestral gold and Catholic Spain, being the colonizing country, naturally was compelled to give military security (No Spanish military or civil authorities would dare touch something deposited under the authority of the Vatican and the watchful eyes of the clergies. History books, and the two novels of Rizal relate the power of the clergy at that time. 

They can bring down even a Spanish Governor General and execute Filipino priests). Thus, the $20 Million paid by the United States of America to Spain, was mainly I believe. a remuneration for Spanish security services, and most probably collateraled on the gold in Fort Santiago. The Treaty of Paris was merely a formality on the change of guard in Fort Santiago. But the stewardship of the Vatican over Philippine gold remained. 

That explains why when World War II was nearing the doorsteps of the Philippines, the Vatican sent Father Jose Antonio Diaz, aka, Col. Severino Garcia Santa Romana, to rescue and secure the gold in Fort Santiago (accounts say Santa Romana, a Vatican agent, worked along with the United States OSS --the Overseas Strategic Services). Why would the Vatican do that if the Vatican was not the steward? And this may also explain why the Diaz Last Will allotted 15% or around 90,000 metric tons of gold to the Vatican.  

June 10, 2010-Azaz
President Noynoy Aquino may not have much difficulty if he decides to find the truth behind Philippine gold. Former First Lady Imelda Marcos, now Congresswoman, seems very willing to cooperate:

While Pres. Noynoy's family also seems to have their own link with the widow of Severino Garcia Santa Romana, Luz, as related below from the Golden Karat book, Ming forum:

The important thing about what she was telling me was; it was just
another nail in the legitimacy of the entire Sta. Romana/Diaz story.
I then asked Luz, "Why didn't you talk directly with (Pres.) Cory Aquino
herself? You did tell me that you and Cory were friends."
"I did go to see Cory when I returned to the Philippines. In fact, I
brought her a gift of 1.5 million U.S. dollars which we raised for her in New
York City."
Luz laughed as normal slightly when she told me this, and then

"What happened was, when I got back to the Philippines, I tried to
make an appointment myself because I wanted to hand-deliver the check I
had brought with me. Another of my reason was, I had the check made out
for three million U.S. dollars; not just the 1.5 million that I brought and
intended to give to her. My reason for doing this was I didn't want to show
that I had the extra 1.5 million, because I was afraid someone might ask
questions as to where I got it. However, after trying several tries, I was
having no success with her staff at all. However, I also had raised money
for Ernie Maceda, who we thought might be made her vice-president. So I
got in touch with Ernie, who, by the way at this point was by then one of
the most influential and outspoken Senators in the Philippines. When I did
this, unlike in the case of Cory, Ernie was not unaccessible to me. So once
I got him on the telephone, I informed him I was in Manila and had tried to
get an appointment with Cory on several occasions, but her staff was
running interference and I was not able to get in direct touch with her. I
then told Ernie to please make this appointment for me.
At that point, Luz only paused long enough to catch her breath and
then continued.
This was on a Friday afternoon.
Well, Ernie telephoned me back about an hour later and told me he
had just arranged the appointment for the first hour on the following
Monday morning. He went on to tell me that he would personally come by
my hotel and pick me up at 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning and drive me
there himself."
As normal, as Luz was telling me this story, seemingly it was without
even having to think of what she intended to say next as she continued.
“Sure enough on the following Monday morning, Ernie did arrive as
he promised. However, as we were driving to Malacañang Palace, he told
me that he could only get a fifteen minute appointment, because Cory had
said that she didn't know any Mrs. Sta. Romana."
"How could she say that?" I asked Ernie.
“I was totally bewildered because not only had we known one
another for years, but also because I had stayed, I don't know how many
nights at her home in Tarlac with her and Ninoy. In fact, as I have already
told you, I was even the Godmother of her youngest daughter, Kris."
"I don't know”, Ernie replied, "But that is sure what she told me."
"It was raining like crazy that morning and when we got to the
Malacañang Palace, the water was so deep that I had to take off my shoes
to get into the door. When I did this, I also got the bottom part of my dress
soaking wet."
"Once we reached Cory's office and were shown in, Cory looked up
from her desk, then a big smile lit up her face and she yelled comadre as
she jumped to her feet and rushed forward to embrace me."
"You should have seen the puzzled expression on Ernie's face as
Cory did this and she then turn to face Ernie and said, `I had no idea Ernie
who you were talking about when you said ‘Mrs. Sta. Romana.'"
"After saying this, she turned to face me once again and asked, `Luz,
did you actually finally marry that old man?'"
"After I replied yes, and after a few minutes of small talk, Cory
noticed how wet my dress was and said, `Come with me Luz, I will have my
maid iron your dress dry while we talk.'"
"When she said this, we just left poor old Ernie standing there with a
bewildered expression on his face."
"Once we were alone in Cory's private quarters and her maid was
taking care of my dress, I told Cory that the reason I wanted to see her that
I had brought over a small amount of money we had raised for her personal
expenses in New York, amounting to one and a half million U.S. dollars."
"`What do you mean by a small amount?' Cory instantly smiled and
"When she said this, I took the bank draft out of my purse, and as I
handed it to her, I also smiled as I did this and then said, `As you can see,
the check is made out to you personally for three million U.S. dollars. What
I did was, I added another one and a half million of my own money for my
personal use as well while I'm here in the Philippines. I figured it was a
safer to bring it into the country this way and because of our rotten
banking system here in the Philippines. I also thought, that since you are
now the President, that I didn't have to worry about our rotten bankers here
in the Philippines would dare jerk you around in cashing the check for both
of us.'"
"When I said this, Cory laughed aloud, shook her head indicating her
disbelief and replied, `Luz, you're too much. You'll never change.'"
"After saying this, she walked over to the telephone and dialed the
outer offices and had her personal secretary come to where we were.
When this lady arrived, Cory gave her the check and told her, `Deposit this
into my own personal account. Also, just as soon as it's cleared, cut a draft
to; she paused at that point, then turned and asked me, `What name does
your passport have on it now-a-days, Luz?'"
"`Luz R. Sta. Romana”, I replied.
“Cory then said to her secretary, ’To Luz R. Sta. Romana."
"After this, Cory and I sat and talked for a long time and I told her
about what Marcos had done after Santy died. At one point, she suggested
that I file a lawsuit against Ferdinand and Imelda."
"Finally Cory looked at her watch and said, `Oh my, I didn't realize
how much time had elapsed. Do you realize that it's almost noon and we've
forgotten all about Senator Maceda. So, let's go get him and have lunch.'"
"When we returned to Cory's office, there sat lonely poor old Ernie,
who by now had picked up a copy of both Time and Newsweek and was
just finishing reading through both of them he told us when we arrived.
Well, our fifteen-minute appointment turned into the entire day, because
Cory canceled the rest of her appointments for the remainder of that day
and we spent until almost 5:00 p.m. reminiscing about old times. But,
would you believe, it still took me another five weeks for me to get my 1.5
million from Cory's bank?"

June 12, 2010-Azaz
Tarciana C. Rodriguez, the court appointed Administrator of the holographic Last Will written by Mr. Jose Antonio Diaz (aka, Severino Garcia Santa Romana) backed by the DNP enterprozes (aka Diaz umbrella) is having a hard time settling Diaz's Last Will as the Hong Kong bank holding Diaz's assets blocked her claims and told her to come back in some future time. But Tarciana is now maybe in her 80's or 90's which mean that she only have too little of a future time. I guess DNP is not that strong enough to help Tarciana face the banks and settle the Last Will of Jose Antonio Diaz. Pres. Noynoy may like to know that the Philippines was alloted 25% in the Diaz Last Will or more than 150,000 metric tons if referring to the 617,500 metric tons that used to back the Central Bank of the Philippines. At $30 Million per metric ton, Philippines will roughly get $4.5 Trillion. However, DNP, for their recovery efforts (if indeed they can recover) would chop 50%, leaving $2.25 Trillion for the Philippines. Some people may still want to say that this is too fantastic but former First Lady, now Congresswoman, Imelda Romualdez Marcos, is just too happy to show to a BBC reporter her $987 Billion Belgian Gold Certificate:

Point is, all transactions with regards to Philippine gold would require Philippine government agencies participation/authentication, probably from Pasay City Court or from SEC. Should the incoming administration of Pres. Noynoy Aquino act? Of course it should. Philippine government may help put pressure on that Hong Kong bank holding the assets of Diaz and in return, DNP may just drop that 50% recovery fee for the Philippines. $4.5 Trillion will be a strong jump start for the Philippines under Pres. Noynoy.


What other Nation has 400,000 metric tons of goldin its vaults? What other Nation has more energy
(clean hydrogen from deuterium [“heavy water”])
under its seas than could be available from all of the
hydrocarbons (including coal)
in all of the rest of the world?
Most of “history”, as we get to see it published,
has suffered some interpretation, stylizing, modernizing,
and even outright “revision”. What the reader is about
to find is a mode of history that has suffered no
change, even though preserving it has cost many lives
while those seeking to change (or hide) it have made
themselves rich and powerful.
The Philippines uses the “Torrens title system” for
registering titles to land. In this system, the Original
Certificate of Title (OCT No. T-01-4) applies to the
whole archipelago and Transfer Certificates of Title
(TCT) subtract a given, surveyed and described parcel
from the OCT. The record of such a transaction is
written as an “annotation” on the reverse of the DEED,
or an attached parchment. These annotations plus the
court orders, writs, and decisions tell a real history, even
if unromantic in spots. We hope you enjoy reading it as
much as we enjoyed getting it together.
—E.J. Ekker and Cenon C. Marcos

Portion of Pasay City Court Document on Philippine Gold

That the Reverend Father also admitted that the only gold bullion balance left in the Central Bank vaults are consisting of 400,000 metric tons; others, some 217,500 metric tons between 1965 to 1970 were illegally melted into another form of 75 kilos per bar and were transported to different countries in Red China, Hongkong, Switzerland, Germany, Australia, U.S.A., and in England;

[b]Here is the excerpt from the testimonies of Reverent Father Jose Antonio Diaz, alias Col. Severino Sta. Romana, [/b]taken in an open court room on 10:35 A.M. of May 5, 1972, before this Court and Amicus Curae:
Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: With your permission, your Honor, supplemental to my cross examination to Reverend Father Jose Antonio Diaz, vital witness in connection with the illegal transport of said gold bullion of my client, the Royal Family, Tagean-Tallano Clan, which caused the sudden collapse of the value of Philippine peso, may I ask some important questions, your Honor, relevant to the Sworn
Affidavit he executed before a notary public.
Court: Yes, you may provided the questions are relevant to the subject matter.

Amicus Curae: What is the purpose?
Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: Yes, your Honor. To clarify matters in accordance with missing gold reserves.
Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: Do you own this typewritten Sworn Affidavit, Reverend Witness and how did you come to know about the illegal transport of the deposited gold bullion from the Central Bank Vaults and that of its exact date?
Witness: Rev.Fr. Jose I was the one who signed this
Antonio Diaz affidavit, Sir, and being the caretaker of the Royal Family, I was the authorized signatory for the withdrawal of that deposited gold bullion from the Central Bank Vaults and I used it to withdraw the same as instructed to me by then Honorable Senate President Ferdinand E. Marcos on September 8, 1963. Besides, I was the one who
accompanied Don Esteban Benitez Tallano in transporting the said gold bullion around 617,000 metric tons to Vatican City, your honor, sometime in 1939, to protect the item from the fast escalating World War II, then, your Honor.
Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: How many kilos did you withdraw that time?
Witness: Rev. Fr. Jose Based on my arrangement with then
Jose Antonio Diaz Senate President Marcos, we will withdraw only 3 tons or 3,000 kilos but when I and Senate President Marcos were already in the Central Bank Vaults, Central Bank Governor Andres Castillo and Senator Marcos convinced me to sign the withdrawal document containing 35,000 tons that time, I have no choice but to sign.
Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: Reverend Witness after signing the withdrawal document you mentioned, what transpired next?
Witness: Rev. Fr. Jose Right at that moment, Senator Marcos
Antonio Diaz withdrew the gold bullion from the vault and loaded these on four (4) trailer trucks escorted by
Philippine Army member led by unknown colonel and 4 members of the Philippine Constabulary and were driven toward the departure area of the Manila International Airport, then, Sir;
Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: Reverend Witness, when you were in the MIA departure area, what follows next?
Witness: Rev. Fr. Jose I witnessed the unloading of the
Antonio Diaz gold from the trailers, Sir, which were packed in 70 pieces of wooden crates and they loaded these in the belly of the KLM Airline that time.
Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: Reverend Witness, you said you were there when the repacking of the gold had been done, how long did it take?
Witness: Rev. Fr. Jose Because when we arrived in the
Antonio Diaz Central Bank, the time was 8:00 o’clock in the morning. When they finished packaging and loading to the trailers, the time was 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, so approximately Sir, it took seven (7) hours long when we finished.
Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: Being the caretaker of the Tallano-Tagean family’s gold bullion, can you tell to this Honorable Court how many and what is the exact number of kilos do the Tagean-Tallano Family had deposited in the vaults of the Central Bank?
Witness: Rev. Fr. Jose Exactly around 617,000 metric tons that the Tagean-Tallano had deposited to the vault through me in the year 1949 which we transported from the Vatican City in the year 1948 the same were lent to the national government to meet the required gold reserves of the newly organized and installed Central Bank then. But lately, when I went to the Central Bank along with the heirs, Don Esteban Benitez Tallano and Prince Julian Morden Tallano for verification and inventory recently, we found that the only exact inventory remained intact in the vault then was 400,000 metric tons, while, what I withdrew that time beyond the knowledge of the owner through instruction of then Senate President Marcos, now President of this Republic was 35,000 metric tons
leaving a supposed inventory balance of 482,500 metric tons, but this was inconsistent to our findings where the last inventory balance was only 400,000 metric tons. Definitely, Sir, they used fraudulently my signature to withdraw such 82,500 metric tons.
Solicitor Guttierez: Your Honor, I wish to call the attention of the Honorable Court to strike … the words as follows: but this was inconsistent to our findings where the last inventory balance was only 400,000 metric tons. Definitely, Sir, they used fraudulently my signature to withdraw such 82,500 metric tons.

Amicus Curae: For what purpose?
Solicitor Guttierez: The answer of the witness was not responsive to the question profound by the counsel. Beside, his statement about the withdrawal of 82,500 metric tons is merely more on hearsay because he was not there when the alleged withdrawal of 82,500 metric tons took place.

Atty. Cesar Paras Sr.: Objection, your Honor, the witness has the right opinion which is valid based on his authority designated to him by my client that he is the only person that has an authority to withdraw said gold bullion deposits.
Court: Alright, just maintain the record, eventually, we will cross the bridge when needed.

Azaz-April 24, 2009
n 2005, 5,000 metric tons of gold were shipped out (actually by plane) to Europe. The bullions were accidentally found by a farmer somewhere in Mindanao according to writer Priscilla Almeida in her article in the Manila Bulletin. Another 2,000 was discovered and shipped to Thailand in 2006 according to her. 

As for Imelda Marcos, in a biography about her, it 's said that in the early years when she and marcos were together, she was amazed about so much money in Marcos little bungalow stuff in sacks and placed all over the place, in cabinets, etc. Marcos was not yet President during that time, just a Senator or congressman. But it seems that this was also the time when he was also working with Severino Santa Romana also known as Fr. Jose Antonio Diaz.

The Vatican manipulates the Philippines through its exploitation of the Roman Catholic church

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