This Photo is circulating early this morning ang it cathes the attentions of curious Netizens world wide, as of 6:23 AM this pics from twitter gain 4,587,254 Re tweets. enough to go VIRAL.  other's are saying that the image was photoshoped, but i doubt it. it seems like very authentic. the people there is surounding, the floor and  far angle shots is original.

Pythons are know to swallow and consume huge animals by dislocating their jaws but when they swallow food stuff that they cannot digest such as metal pan, its a strugle for them. 

This picture shows a huge python who seems to have swallowed a big frying pan, this was posted on twitter earlier this morning and no information was given

Many have reacted on this picture as to whether this python is real, just a sculpture or a product of a photoshop expert who's not so busy enough to do such a thing.

but as the picture shows, the people surrounding the python seems to be doing something to help the big snake overcome it's big problem.

Viral News of Python Swallows a Huge Frying Pan

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