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Dear Karen,

There are three kinds of gold in the Philippines.

We will humbly provide you brief information.
PHILIPPINE GOLD is owned by the Philippine Royal Family before the Spanish conquerors arrived in 1521. KING LUISONG TAGEAN was the owner of 720,000 Metric Tons Of Gold. King Luisong died December 17,1764. 

The eldest son of the King was Rajah Lapu-Lapu (ruler of Mactan Island, Cebu.) Actually his son Lapu-Lapu was the one who killed Spanish Ferdinand Magellan in the Battle Of Mactan. Alfred Dent (a British Lord) and British Gov. General Downsonne Drake surely knew the king and the existence of the Philippines originally called Maharlika. 

During this period or 1764 is far away from WW2 where Japan invaded the Philippines in 1942. Also, many of King Luisong’s gold was a gift of the Chinese Emperor Yung Lo written in Sung & Ming Dynasty from years 1368 to 1644. Some golds were a gift from Emperor Yung Lo as a respect to King Luisong Tagean.

YAMASHITA GOLD is actually what we called as Asia’s Looted Gold during WW2. Looted or plundered by the Imperial Japanese Military during WW2 from various countries particularly is Asia. Many stated and called it as Yamashita Gold. Actually the plunderer was no other than Prince Chichibu (younger brother of Emperor Hirohito). 

Yamashita was given order by Prince Chichibu to buried their Asia’s Looted in the Philippines as the Americans are fast coming. Various ships containing gold from the Philippines to Japan was only sunk by US Navy Submarines. Without knowing that those transport ships have tons of gold cargo. So, Prince Chichibu ordered Yamashita to buried the gold in various parts of the Philippines.

MARCOS GOLD is a mixture of the Philippine Gold and the said Asia’s Looted Gold sometimes being called as Yamashita Gold. However, the Philippine Gold which is owned by the Philippine Royal Family (children of King Luisong) was deposited in the Philippine Central Bank somewhere in the 1948 which was illegally brought out by Ferdinand E. Marcos and his cohort Col. Severino Santa Romana or Col. Santy (OSS Agent under William Donovan, also Col. Santa Romana alias Reverend Father Jose Antonio Garcia Diaz.

Marcos & Sta. Romana illegally transported the gold out of the Philippine Central Bank when Marcos was still a Senate President.

Furthermore, Ferdinand E. Marcos received Medal Of Merit from the Sovereign Military Order Of Malta (Catholic Church Brotherhood) for the job well done. Whereas, Col. Santa Romana was an OSS Agent and Rev. Father Jose Antonio Garcia Diaz (priest belonging to Opus Dei) was a Vatican Agent controlled by the Jesuits. Therefore, he (Sta. Romana) was a double-agent and that Col. Santa Romana and Rev. Father Jose Antonio Garcia Dias are one and the same person.

We are thinking that many of these gold which was handed by Marcos & Rev. Fr. Diaz or Col. Santy may ended up to the Vatican Bank.

Would that not be the story of the century starting with the fine question who dunnit or where is the gold now? How much is 946,000 metric tons and where did that come from? 

How come that the world did not know about so much gold? Who was hiding that and what about our beloved history books who do not know this? Oh, that gold had been in the vaults of the Jewish banks until it was discovered stolen but, may one ask, who had brought it to the Jewish banks in the first place? And what were the Jewish bankers supposed to do? Just tell the depositors of the gold and the world that they had lost it or, sorry, someone stole it?

Of course, they could not do that! They just could not tell the truth, even if they knew very well that Adolf Hitler had stolen it with his super SS. They just could not fathom out how that son-of-a-bitch had done it. Well then: Some are smarter than others. 

They left the gold buried in the Philippines, got their uncontested claims of missing gold registered in the ICJ and started using their claims as collateral for credit lines to other Jewish banks and vice versa, discovering in the process that this way money was created much easier and faster.

Actually, they loved it and they conquered the world by leaving the gold where it is in the Philippines as Yamashita gold and waiting for the maturity 2005 of the other gold that came from the Vatican in 1949 to be fixed in the BILATERAL MINESFIELD BREAKTHROUGH SUCCESSOR AGREEMENT dated August 1, 1950 for 400,000MT for 50 years plus 5 years moratorium. Adding it all up with the alleged gold hoard from China, Marcos had near two (2) million tons of gold at his disposal, none of it of Philippine origin. To claim that Marcos stole billions from the Filipino people belongs to the category of ONLY IN THE PHILIPPINES. In other words, you have to be a Filipino to believe that.

In the old game of WHO IS WHO there would be one question remaining: Is Marcos still alive or: Where is Marcos? The question is maybe not that important. Otherwise Marcos would have come forward.

 Maybe it is up to the world to wake up to the truth that there is so much gold and so much money in the world and there were world wars fought over it, but it appears that the truth is somehow withheld from the people of the world for the benefit of a few who are in the know and, thereby, in power like for example the Jewish bankers of the world. And they can always say, well, you did not ask us, did you? 

And Imelda can always say, well, you did not ask me, did you? At least Jessica Soho had Bongbong on the ropes once in her GMA7 show asking him blankly “Are you son of Ferdinand Marcos?” He came out without lying. He is the son of Marcos but with Donna Carmen Ortega, not with Imelda. Maybe this is not so important and yet again, maybe it is, as the truth always starts somewhere with a true statement.

It is maybe time we hear a true statement regarding that body lying in state in Batac. People in Manila would shrug their shoulders. They do not know. Not even the people living near will understand what I am talking about. 

Maybe we ask them what they are waiting for. Maybe they are just doing what they do best: Nothing. And we are talking about the most important man on earth and the Filipino people do not know. All the gold and all money in the world is connected to Marcos, the late Philippine President who wanted to make this country great again against the evil machinations of greedy land grabbers called developers in the Philippines. 

All riches start with a crime. In the Philippines, there is only one way to become super rich. Steal the land from the Filipinos but don’t forget to buy the justice system first.

Thank you very much.
Respectfully yours,
 The Community Of World Historians.

We will humbly provide you brief information. MAHARLIKA (PHILIPPINE) GOLD YAMASHITA GOLD MARCOS GOLD

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