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Its Called Social Content Locker, The Technique is simple, and the function is very straight forward, The visitor is force to share the link before viewing the content of your blog. may it be video, article or a download link, this is a free plugins.  and there are tons of tutorial and step by step procedure how to implement these codes.  you can  actually  google it. your lucky if you can find rare functions,just like what i did to my blog.is it worth trying in blogger? 

well. i've search some scripts. and there are only few that comes close to what i am really expecting, they usually have the the same tuts about it, the <head> j query  implementation scripts, but that's not what i'm looking for.

I was looking for a scripts that will first block the actual video link, then it should be first shared before it's going to be watch, 

Here's my sample. i modify it already. i add pop up function to enhance the shared content.

 If you are interested about this special scripts. you can buy it. i swear it's worth investing, this will boost your traffic and increase your sales. mine is so simple to implement, anyway i've put the complete details how to edit it

Youtube Content Locker For BLogger (My Blog Traffic Secrets)

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