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“The Punisher” has no right to become president of the Country, says former Commission on Human Rights (CHR) chair and Justice secretary Leila de Lima, now elected as Senator.

“If you have no respect for human rights, you also have no respect for the law. So how can he lead our country if that is his belief?”

Senator De Lima said in a previous  press conference , as quoted by the Daily Inquirer.

Rodrigo Duterte, who in his latest bravado-brimming statement vowed to implement public executions–the kind that was done centuries ago–against criminal and drug offenders Now that he wins the 2016 Presidential Election

This obviously didn’t sit well with De Lima.

“I will continue to fight him because [violating human rights] is wrong and a person who has no respect for human rights has no right to lead the country,” De Lima declared.

De Lima and Duterte haven’t been on the same page even before the “public executions” statement; the administration candidate bared that she once subpoenaed the tough-talking Davao leader for public hearings when she was still CHR chair.

They’ve also previously engaged in a tit-for-tat regarding Duterte’s alleged connections with extra-judicial killings in Davao.

Both are graduates of the San Beda College of Law.


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