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Senator Leila De Lima said she will continue criticizing the purported links of President Rodrigo Duterte to the summary executions of criminals in his turf despite the latter’s threat to bring up personal issues against her.

I cannot be threatened and cowed by anyone. He can continue to insult and vilify me for all I care,” De Lima told reporters in a text message. “But I will not stop saying what I want and need to say on the issue of summary executions, in general, and on the Davao Death Squad (DDS), in particular.”
De Lima, a former Commission on Human Rights chairperson, earlier warned Duterte about the possibility of facing criminal charges for supposedly confirming his ties to the DDS, which has been linked to the vigilante-style of killing criminals on Davao City when he was still the Mayor

She had urged the public not to idolize the feisty President  as she slammed his admission as “disturbing” and “annoying.” [Politiko]

De Lima also reiterated her concerns about Duterte. “How could it (Duterte's anti-crime plan) be feasible if it’s so much against the law? What is his solution? He kills the criminals without due process. Is that feasible? Absolutely not."

She said the law must be upheld at all times, when dealing with criminals. In her speech, the former Cabinet official occasionally chided Duterte’s supposed "vigilante” style in fighting crimes.

De Lima also said some Filipinos support the idea of denying criminals due process due to their frustration with the slow justice system in the country, but the long-term solution is amending the Revised Penal Code.

“That is not the solution. You all know that. Vigilantism can never be the solution to the problems of criminality,” De Lima said.

Citing obsolete provisions in the 83-year old Revised Penal Code, she said she will push its review and amendment, if elected in the Senate.

“We need to simplify and rationalize our investigation process…to come up with a higher success rate in the court,” she said, referring to criminal convictions. [Rappler)

I cannot be threatened and cowed by anyone Says DELIMA to Duterte's Vigilante Style

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