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Indeed, Philippines has gone a long, long way.  Thanks to Central 911 which will be fully supported by Newly Elected President  Rodrigo R. Duterte.  he said: “During the first and second year of our administration, we laid down the foundation, which is vital for growth and development, and I refer to our continuing effort to further improve and maintain peace and order in our Country”

But what Central 911 has accomplished goes beyond helping the people.  In 2012 Davao City was ranked as the world’s fourth safest city.  For seven years, Davao City was considered as the most peaceful city in East and Southeast Asia.

“Aside from police services, it also caters to emergency medical services, urban search and rescue operations, fire auxiliary services, and K-9 units,” the document said.  “The presence and the availability of a response mechanism resulted to increased awareness among the constituents and visitors of Davao City to report crime and emergency incidents, which serves to mitigate or avoid further aggravating the situations and minimize the loss of lives and properties.”

The Central 911 is reportedly manned by 24 call takers and 16 dispatchers/trackers who are working “round-the-clock.”  “By dialing 911, residents needing assistance can immediately summon responders to the scene of emergency,” the document said, adding that it has simplified the emergency process by integrating all the government’s emergency response resources (ambulance, rescue technicians, firefighters, K-9, and the police) into one.

The 911 Philippines Centalized unit comes in full feaured arsenals, the only 911 in  East Asia,  that will utilized the 24/7 full combat feature , all the equipment are U.S made, All services are free.

to those of you wondering how the former ''Mayor'' Obtain this? and how such crucial standard  makes Davao to be qualified to have a standard operational Procedures of 911.? This will show what caliber our New President is. From this point of argument we can already know what type of leader he is,

isn't it mysterious how Duterte is capable to have closed tight Relationship to security commands outside the country? come to think of it.  Not even a high star rank official comes close to have such link to foreign security Affairs before.now. we can proudy estimate That our president have the guts and balls to boast for. he is indeed capable and deserves to become our commander in chief but most to be our best guardian and Leader we can trust and depend from now on.


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