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IT EXPERTS SAY ... CHEATING HAVE BEEN DONE IN A NEW TYPE OF SYSTEMATIC MANIPULATION OF VOTES.My views on this being in the fields of I.T. and software developing myself so others can help scrutinize this issue I am a developer for another language but it will be the same no matter what language you use. Comelec said they changed the script to allow the system to recognize the character "ñ". 

The question is why when internally the system will be basing on what we call a Primary Key; which can be either a GUID, a character or integer values. For instance, to make the explanation simple, we will assign the codings of each candidates as follows: PK Candidates 01 mar roxas 02 du30 03 mds 45 bbm 46 leni As you can see, the basis is the PK (Primary Key) field above and not the field for candidates.

 It has been that way since time immemorial and if smartmatic and comelec is now claiming about fixing the ñ character on output of names, then there is absolutely no need to fix ñ at this point in time. It is tampering, plain and simple and may discredit the accuracy of vote results for the entire candidates, from top to bottom. Can altering of codes impact results? 

Yes! If it touches the important portion of the codes such as primary keys. Swapping of votes can be easily done like reassigning 46 to bbm and 45 to leni (using our example above, swapping their PK field values or candidate names itself). Can it be done? Yes! By the company who created the software or by others who are knowledgeable and have been given access to it Is there a possibility that the alibi is not true? Absolutely! Like I said there is no need to tamper the codes at this point in time specially for a mere cosmetic reason. Is it unlawful? 

Yes of course! Are they liable? Yes! The integrity of the results has been compromised. The trust of the people breached. I am sorry for LP followers, but that is the truth. They (smartmatic and comelec) have many years to find and fix bugs. 

A software like that that can impact the future of a nation is no joke, not a laughing matter. If it is buggy, our government should sue Smartmatic for monetary damages (and maybe more, i am not a lawyer). To sum it up, IMHO, "ANY" alteration at this point in time renders the results dubious. Plain and simple #repost // i am an IT as well, and I agree on this post - dennis gasataya.// #Share (this inormation will be meaningless if it will not be Copied and pasted for everyone to know. Share the knowledge.) #proopensource "let the whole nation know."

- Technically speaking Leni's votes are added using multiplying factors, while BBM remain constant in his entry of votes, until they exceed equilibrium, then it returns to regular addition pattern.
- It is hard to detect this "New Type of Manipulation" done by Smartmatic because multiplication of votes in favor of Leni is transmitted and there is no paper trail.

- Meaning, 1 vote for Leni can be multiplied to 10,000 votes when "?" is pressed and activated and 100,000 votes for Leni when Spanish "N" is activated. This is done in an occassional mode to avoid detection.
- 2 million votes were used to achieve equilibrium to BBM's votes, added to Leni's votes in the initial stage of their multiplication factor mode.
- If the candidates votes exceed over 4 million votes, it will be hard to cheat.

- Therefore, cheating has been confirmed in the VP race the reason why Smartmatic-Comelec are holding the votes, because it cannot be reconciled. Mind conditioning and trending was used to make it appear that Leni has won, but unless a full investigation of cheating done by Smartmatic is resolved there is no winner yet.

Hello, we are an IT professional working outside the country in a large company.

The reports says, PCOS/VCM used MD5 hash Key. Hmmm. I can see some concerns here, using MD5 hashing? You can google it, you can easily decrypt it. Though you can easily decrypt it, it's still impossible for you to grab and extract it, unless you have a direct access to the system. Firewalls, IDS, IPS, and all other security perimeters are in place. So if you are a hacker? Good luck to you my friend! The only one who can do it is someone who really knew their way around the system or some one that has an inside knowledge on how accessing the system.

Going back to the topic. What I can see here, it seems the transmission between the Server and the PCOS/VCM has been breached. The actual VCM, that has a unique MD5 hash key connecting to the Server has been replaced with an unknown VCM. This unknown VCM has a different data but has a file with the same filename used on the application database in the Server. Since this VCM is a different machine, a unique MD5 hash key algorithm will be used.

Here's possibly what happened: Our good friend, who has an access to the server, did run the script to install the MD5 hash key similar to the unknown VCM into the server. Once the MD5 hash key has been installed, the old VCM will not be able to throw the data back to the server as the server is now using a different MD5 hash key. This time the old VCM has been replaced by this unknown VCM and this unknown VCM has now the right to throw it's data to the server.

Easy right? During this change activity, disruption on the transmission most likely will occur. End nodes such application host, etc., will be prompted with an unknown error, the programmers will thought there's a code issues with their Applications. But if you can see it, it's just a simple migration of data connection between the two VCM connecting the Server.

So then, Mr. Comelec, you explained to the public the change being done was only a breakfix for "?" to "ñ". How about those MD5 hash concerns?

If you are an IT Security/Network professional, you know what I'm talking about. We hope this info might help push the filling of the case against Comelec

Thank you and God bless!" -Anonymous IT Expert -

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IT expert Leo Querubin puts the move of Smartmatic’s Garcia in the context of Sec. 35 of R.A. 9369. amending Sec. 29. R.A. 8436, as follows:

“Sec. 35. Prohibited Acts and Penalties. - The following shall be penalized as provided in this Act, WHETHER OR NOT SAID ACTS AFFECT THE ELECTORAL PROCESS OR RESULTS:

(c) GAINING or causing access to using, ALTERING, destroying or disclosing any computer data, program, system software, network, or any computer-related devices, facilities, hardware or equipment, whether classified or declassified…” A further provision of RA 9369 provides that “Any person convicted for violation of this Act, except those convicted of the crime of electoral sabotage, shall be penalized with imprisonment of eight years and one day to twelve (12) without possibility of parole, and perpetual disqualification to hold public office and deprivation of the right of suffrage. Moreover, the offender shall be perpetually disqualified to hold any non-elective public office."


IT professor and practitioner Edmundo “Toti” Casino, on the other hand, cites SEC. 42. Section 27 (b) of Republic Act No. 6646 as hereby amended, to read as follows :

"The act or offense committed shall fall under the category of electoral sabotage in any of the following instances;

"(1) When the tampering, increase and/or decrease of votes perpetrated or the refusal to credit the correct votes or to deduct tampered votes, is/are committed in the election of a national elective office which is voted upon nationwide and the tampering, increase and/or decrease of votes, refusal to credit the correct votes or to deduct tampered votes, shall adversely affect the results of the election to the said national office to the extent that losing candidate/s is /are made to appear the winner/s;

"(2) Regardless of the elective office involved, when the tampering, increase and/or decrease of votes committed or the refusal to credit the correct votes or to deduct tampered votes perpetrated, is accomplished in a single election document or in the transposition of the figure/results from one election document to another and involved in the said tampering increase and/or decrease or refusal to credit correct votes or deduct tampered votes exceed five thousand (5,000) votes, and that the same adversely affects the true results of the election ;

"(3) Any and all other forms or tampering increase/s and/or decrease/s of votes perpetuated or in cases of refusal to credit the correct votes or deduct the tampered votes, where the total votes involved exceed ten thousand (10,000) votes; ..Provided finally; That any and all either persons or individuals determined to be in conspiracy or in connivance with the members of the BEIs or BOCs involved, shall be meted the same penalty of life imprisonment."

4  BIG Reasons Why Comelec Picked Smartmatic!

Commission on Elections Chair Sixto Brillantes has been widely criticized for entering into a direct  contract with Smartmatic Total Information Management Corp. to diagnose and undertake repairs on the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS) machines stored in its warehouses.

An Inquirer editorial called it “anomalous” and a “midnight deal.”

It questioned why Brillantes and his fellow Commissioners Lucenito Tagle and Elias Yusoph would bind the poll watchdog in a P1.2 contract approved last Dec. 23, 2014 when they were set to retire on Feb. 2, 2015.

Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez, however, has come out with four reasons why Smartmatic was probably the only choice.

1) There is no time to go through a bidding. A bidding will take between 55  and 88 days and the actual work of diagnosing and repairing 82,000 machines will take eight months. The awarding will like be made in March 2015.

2) The possibility of a failed bidding and the necessity of a second bidding will push back the awarding of the contract from March 2015 to June 2015. The Comelec can only go into a negotiated contract if the second  bidding fails. In this scenario, the awarding will be pushed back to August 2015.

3) Awarding the contract to other vendors is risky because they will be working on a machine that they are  seeing for the first time.There are risks that changes or manipulations of the hardware will result to software changes that will, in turn, require an entirely new source-code review lasting six months or longer.

4) The PCOS machines are still under warranty by Smartmatic and the contract is just a continuation of the vendor’s contractual obligation to the Comelec. “Those are the facts. Hopefully, they can drown out the shouting,” concluded Jimenez in his Business Mirror column.

The Problem: Smartmatic uses MD5 today.

To state it more simply, it is practical and possible for someone today to create two different files that generate the same MD5 hash , which contradict's MD5's original purpose. MD5's definitive rejection was in 2008, over seven years ago. Moreover, 2008 was over 4 years before 2013, before Comelec hired Smartmatic for the 2016 Elections.

MD5 Alternatives
MD5's glaring vulnerabilities has led most software development organizations to use more reliable hash techniques. In particular, SHA-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm 1) is a more resilient alternative and best of all, it was invented just in 1993, or about a year after MD5 [Gupta 2014].

Both MD5 and SHA-1 are open source. That is, they are free to use, so Smartmatic can't argue higher costs. While SHA-1 requires slightly more computing power to implement, remember that both were invented in the 1990s, and processor power of computers in the market has increased exponentially since then. In fact, SHA-1 is the current industry standard for e-commerce [ArsTechnica]. Ars Technica, however, argues that SHA-1 may have already become obsolete, so they suggest a migration to SHA-2, or a more complex version of SHA-1.

To cut the long story short, respected computer scientists have been advising against the use of MD5 in as early as 1996, and at least one computer science authority (CMU-SEI) has definitively rejected the MD5 algorithm in 2008, yet Comelec still hired Smartmatic, who uses an obsolete technology that was already replaced by another obsolete technology.

''Bigyan ko kayo ng analogy. Parang ganito yan 'eh.  Karamihan sa mundo ay gumagamit na ng Windows 10. Karamihan sa mga Pinoy ay gumagamit pa ng Windows 7 o 8. Tapos, ang Comelec-Smartmatic, gumagamit ng Windows Vista. Ganoon kabulok.
We Filipinos deserve better than this.  ''


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