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Mr. Noli Dazo, an "Outstanding Filipino Inventor of the Philippines" awardee, has an invention that will surely benefit our countrymen who own motorcycles, jeepney's, trucks, busses, etc. any kind of cars that uses gasoline or diesel.

Introducing, 'Dazo Water Fuel Hydrogen' better known as "Tubig Na Gasolina", is an innovative invention of Mr. Dazo. He's a Computer Science & Engineering graduate at College of Southern Nevada.

On his facebook post that went viral now on social media, he explains what is "Tubig Na Gasolina" and how it works.

The Only One in the World and Only One in the Philippines, for 90 million TODA from Region 1 to Region 12 , Luzon , Visayas and Mindanao...gumamit na ng " Tubig Na Gasolina " ni Noli Dazo " , 3x times faster than premium gasoline , "Outstanding Filipino Inventor " in the field of Innovative Products Invention .Best of the Best in the Philippines!

How It Works

In simple terms: Petrol and diesel fuels are inherently inefficient, and a lot of the time there is unburnt fuel. The Dazo Water Fuel Hydrogen better known as "Tubig Na Gasolina " gas burns much more quickly, cleanly and more powerfully. With 3 times the power as standard petrol or diesel, and this in turn helps to fully ignite and burn the standard fuel going into the engine.

Also as the " Tubig Na Gasolina " provide slightly improved power, you need less acceleration, therefore less fuel to go the same speed. Finally, as the bi-product of burning " Tubig Na Gasolina " is water (more specifically steam) this will cool the engine, making it run cooler, therefore more efficient, plus you get the a 'steam cleaning' effect on the old carbon deposits inside the engine, giving more benefits for the engine.

If you have any questions or interested to avail his product, contact Mr. Noli Dazo at 0916-233-2324 or send him an email via dazowaterfuelhydrogen@yahoo.com.ph

This is another great invention that every Filipino should be proud of. Hope our government will notice it and support "Tubig Na Gasolina" of Mr. Dazo.

Please do help to spread this good news. If you know someone who owns a motorcycle, car, etc., kindly share this to them. Maybe it's time for us to help save mother earth and lessen the pollution in the Philippines, and in the world by using this invention. Thank you!

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 so who was that guy with whom i had a conversation about that " water gasoline " about 2 weeks past somewhere near DESERT INN in VEGAS and him saying something like " THE U.S. PATENT OFFICE REJECTED HIS APPLICATION FOR A PATENT OF THAT KIND OF FUEL BECAUSE IT IS NOT ACTUALLY A NEW INVENTION ." come on guys , that guy said it was him who invented i n the philippines that kind of thing that produces water gasoline but he abandoned it for tthe simple reason that the technology is not really new. if you guys remember , decades back there was some contraption that according to their commercials that thing was capable of reducing fuel consumption of vehicles and reducing pollution.that thing was installed somewhere in the intake manifold and that was it.but all of a sudden it disappeared completely.this guy mentioned about that contraption too.he even mentioned some names. the last thing he said : that thing did not do any fuel consumption in vehicles at all.it was a FAKE!! said contraption no longer exist. it's not that i'm belittling that guy who claims it's "HIS INVENTION" . ITS JUST THAT ABOUT 10 YEARS AGO IN A NEWSPAPER IN VEGAS , AN ITEM APPEARED ABOUT THAT "WATER GASOLINE"! IT EVEN HAD SOME DIAGRAM AND INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO INSTALL IT AND ALL THE MATERIALS NEEDED . HENCE I AM NOT REALLY SURE IF THE WORD " invention" LIKE WHAT THAT PINOY SAID IS APPROPIATE. btw, if anybody is planning of installing that thing in his/her vehicle , please be reminded: it is DANGEROUS.IT COULD SUFFER AN EXPLOSION IF SOME MIXTURES ARE NOT RIGHT. thanks.

May  mga article na nagsasabing kaya hindi ito nag tatagumpay sa main stream market it's because napakalaking threat ito sa mga giant oil companies. and some industries cannot yet to trust this genius inventions dahil hindi rin ito  isinusulong ng government. napaka baba ng brand exposure sa media and even pushing it on the market  is so risky. magiging matagumpay sana ang mga ganitong projects if lahat ng sangay ng pamahalaan. pribado at pampublikong sektor ay matugunan ang makatotohang pag aaral nito at tuluyang isulong ang clean energy acts. 

Malaki din ang maitutulung nito sa konsepto ng steam engine engineering, sa ngayon ang polusyon at radiation sa mundo ay pataas ng pataas at ang global warming ay nakakabahalang sisira sa kalikasan ng ating mundo.

SAna ang imbensiyong ito ay hindi nanaman matutulog sa pansitan at sana sa pagkakataong ito ay seryosohing mabigyan ng exploration budget ang imbensiyong ito. hindi malayo na kapag maging matagumpay ang ating pag aaral dito. kikilalanin ang Pilipinas na ka una unahang mag mamay ari at producers ng mga ganitong Serbisyo.

Bilyong dolyar ang natutulog na maaring iakyat nito sa kaban ng gobyerno. malaking tulong ito sa pag sulong ng ating ekonomiya. higit lalo . makilala ang Bayang Pilipinas na tahanan ng mga Imbertor at mahuhusay na siyentipiko. 


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