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To: Errol O. Nodalo Jr.
Ilocanos make up the third most-spoken native language and largest ethnolinguistic group in the Philippines. Large populations are found in Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, Cagayan, Abra, La Union, Nueva Ecija, Nueva Vizcaya, Pangasinan, Tarlac, and Benguet. The Ilocanos are adventurous and are known for being hardworking, appreciative, simple and determined. There is, in fact, a diaspora of Ilocanos; they are found all over the country, others go to faraway places like Cotabato, Davao and Bukidnon and as far south to Mindanao as settlers. The Ilocano language has become the lingua franca of Northern Luzon.

Of the 13 indigenous languages in the Philippines that each have over one million native speakers, you Errol O. Nodalo Jr. on the other hand, in expressing your anger or annoyance, you singled out by your wish of misfortune that all the Ilocanos befall to die. You deliberately criticized and unfairly charge falsely with malicious intent while attacking the good name and reputation of every single Ilocano on the face of the earth. You have singlehandedly defamed our ethnic populace and viciously sullied our untainted reputation on land.

I find it ironic that you spew such hatred against us, what have we ever done to you? Not many Ilocanos know you personally but your unsolicited actions certainly reflect your true character and personality. Your cursing is the crutch of your unimaginative mind and doesn’t make your argument valid towards a single candidate’s ethnic persona; it simply tells us you have lost your class and control.

''Commnet From Infograpix Owner''
''Ti Kinapalangwad ket awan iti maitunop nga napintas nga paggapwanan na nu di ket maysa daytoy a peggad a mangidadanus kenka'' Amirisem ngarud ket inka ag pakumbaba tapno ti biag mo ket umatiddog ditoy daga. ket sika Mr. Errol O. Nodalo sapay koma ta ingka mabirukan ti adal ket ag bain ka. TI ILOCANO ket saan mo mabalin ang lukwen wenno kariten, amangen laket ta nu masabat mu ket sika ket innda kilawen!''

OKINAM ERROL! tagalog ang blog ko, pero napa ilokano mo ako!!!!!!!!! 


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