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Incoming president Rodrigo Duterte revealed that the China diplomats offered a Metro Manila to Clark, Pampanga in 2 years.

China can build the railway but Duterte did not reveal any details.

“The ambassador said, ‘We will do the railway immediately and we will solve your Clark-Manila railway. We’ll use the shortest way.’ I don’t know how they’ll do it. But we will complete it in two years,” Duterte said.

“I was not ready to talk about [the dispute]. I was just asking how you can help us with the railway,” he said.

“Art Tugade has to go to China, not to talk about war, not to talk about irritations there, but to talk about peace,” he said.

The incoming president have said that China can make railways in Mindanao, he prefers that the giant country help us build our nation amidst calls of bullying from China in it’s claims to the entirety of South China Sea (West Philippine Sea).

The Philippines has a case pending in the Arbitration Tribunal in Netherlands against China and it’s claims to South China Sea, the result of the case will be announced soon.

China can make railways in Mindanao amounting to Billions and Thousands of Job Openings!

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