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MANILA - The Commission on Elections (Comelec) doesn't look as though it is inclined to extend the June 8 submission deadline for Statements of Contributions and Expenses (SOCEs) by those who ran for elective posts last May 9.

Comelec spokesman James Jimenez warned all winning national and local candidates that they would not be allowed to assume their posts, and they would have to pay penalties if they fail to report how much they spent during the election campaign period.

"The deadline is a non-extendible period," Jimenez said in a telephone interview.

Republic Act 7166 provides that "no person elected to any public office shall enter upon the duties of his office until he has filed the Statement of Contributions and Expenditures".

SOCE is a document that shows the candidate's full, true, and itemized statement of all contributions and expenditures in connection with the elections.

Citing the memorandum of agreement between Comelec and the Department of the Interior and Local Government, winning local candidates will not be able to assume office, while other national winners will be levied fines.

"Penalties are graduated depending on the position. The higher the position, the greater the penalty," Jimenez said.

So far, two days before the scheduled deadline, only one senatorial candidate and 10 party-list organizations have filed their SOCEs before the Comelec Campaign Finance Office, Jimenez disclosed.

In May, the head of the Comelec-Campaign Finance Unit, commissioner Christian Robert Lim, said the poll body will be strict in implementing the SOCE rule.

During the 2013 Senatorial elections, Comelec extended the deadline several times, with the last one set for more than a year after the voting exercise in May 2013. [interaksiyon]

Comelec must stood their ground this time if only for the interest of fairness to all especially to their own set of rules. Disqualifications for the LP Candidates must now be implemented for their failure to meet the deadline for filing of their SOCE. No one must be Above The Law on this matter! 

What kind of nation would we become if we are to have such rules & law and yet everybody can disregard and refuse to follow them? It's more than quite obvious that the  reason why they failed to comply on time is because they have Over Spent during their campaign period ng sobra sobra sa itinakdang allowable amount ng Comelec. 

And since Mar's losing all who once appeared as their donor's have now refused to have their names dragged into this circus for fear of ending up in hot water with the BIR. This is why nahihirapan na sila ngyon maghanap ng mayayamang papayag na magpa gamit pa sa kanila para tumayo bilang BOGUS Donors nila. Dahil kung wala silang maipapakitang mga Donors tyak na mabibisto ng talaga't mauusisa kung saan nila kinuha ang ubod ng laking halagang nagamit nila sa kampanya. 

But then again, to say that all their money came from illegal means such as the Yolands Funds, MRT/LRT Restoration Funds & other unlawful deals & etc. is of course an under statement dahil dun naman talaga nanggaling lahat ng iginastos nila. Bottomline is that the Comelec must hold it's ground and must therefore Disqualify All LP Candidates for failing to submit their SOCE on the set Deadline and must Not Allow Any One of them to assume their posts!

COMELEC : No deadline extension for SOCE filings (Weh di nga?)

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