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Truly! Roxas, after all, is a Wharton graduate and his claimed discipline, investment banking, is one that deals with figures and their accounting up to the last centavo.  The Liberal Party isn’t a fly-by-night “party list” organization, and with the backing of this Administration and big business, they can hire phalanxes of accountants, lawyers and clerks.

Such huge resources and the fact that other parties – even the smallest ones – met the deadline made the Liberal Party’s spokesperson Barry Gutierrez look utterly stupid when he claimed that their failure to file the SOCE was due to “voluminous number of receipts that have to be scanned and attached”.

They and their lawyers could not have failed to read Comelec Resolution No. 9991, promulgated October 2, 2015 by the present Commission on Elections as chaired by Andres Bautista, whose Section 2, Rule 10 reads as follows:
“The 08 June 2016 deadline shall be final and non-extendible. Submissions beyond this period shall not be accepted.

COMELEC Resolutions Nos. 9849 and 9873, Minute Resolutions Nos. 13-0775 and 13-0823 are hereby repealed, insofar as they allowed the belated submission, amendment and/or correction of campaign finance disclosure statements and reports and the imposition of late penalties for the 2013 National and Local Elections. “ (Emphasis mine.)

Their failure to meet the deadline is so serious that all their efforts, money and risks  (among them being charged criminally for some violation) in running for public office could turn out all for naught: The penalty for non-filing of the SOCE, other than miniscule monetary ones, is that all of the Liberal Party’s winning candidates – including purportedly the Vice President-elect Leni Robredo – are barred from assuming office
Why Roxas and LP missed deadline on campaign donations report

EXCERPT-A second explanation going around now is that Roxas has suddenly made himself unavailable to help the Liberal Party in completing its SOCEs. Roxas purportedly has been very angry when he found out that Party leaders – Aquino, Drilon and Abad – had junked him, and had instead thrown its resources, especially government funds, into Robredo’s campaign. He is getting back at the party that betrayed him.

After all, he lost, and therefore has no post the Comelec could bar him from assuming, and the maximum penalty for non-filing of his SOCE is peanuts for him, less what it would cost him to host a dinner for friends – P30,000.

If that explanation is accurate, Roxas without intending to, may have made his most important contribution to our Republic in his 23 years in “public service.”


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