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President-elect Duterte: I can lose the presidency anytime, I can lose my life anytime....."Magprangkahan na tayo. It's better to tell the truth and agree on the truth. Rather than play bullshit with journalism. Church, journalism, politicians, police, all. There's a veil of hypocrisy. Let us unveil it so we can understand each other and live in a democracy that is run by truth, and not by vested interest of people who pretend. I will not stop. I can spend the whole six years of my presidency exposing you and attacking you... Boycott? Good if you disappear... I don't care if no one covers me... Make this trip your last in Davao.
- Duterte:

I will never change my identity. This is what God gave me. I do not have to please or convince you. If you don’t believe in me, then it is no longer my problem. But let us stop once and for all corruption in this country.

Hindi po kailangan ni Mayor President Duterte ang media para paunlarin ang Pilipinas! Kayo ang may kailangan ni Mayor President para kumita kayo! Nakita nyo ba na nagpa media si Mayor President sa mga nagawa nya? Nakita nyo ba mga journalist na may pangalan ni Mayor President ang mga pam publikong sasakyan sa Davao ? Unique ang Presidente ng Pilipinas na darating. 

Nasaan pinag-aralan nyo mga media? Kayo ang mananakot sa taong di kayo kailangan? Kayo pa nga ang balakid sa mga pangarap ng mga Pilipino. Pag may kremin na di pa alam sino suspek at d pa nadakip, binabalita nyo agad ang pangalan ng suspek na tinutugis pa, ang kinalalabasan nakatakas! May mga drug lord o pusher na dadakpin palang.Binabalita nyo agad kung sino sila, kinalalabasan nakatakas! Diba collaboration sa mga kriminal ginagawa nyo? Akala nyo d kami mabubuhay ng payapa kung walang local media. Mag isip kayo ui!

President Rodrigo Duterte answered regarding a planning media boycott .

Mia Reyes Asked: some media organization are urging journalist to boycott.

Duterte aswered.

“I don’t want publicity you know that, if could be good if you dis appear i could go to rocky ignacio”.
“Mag boycott na kayo! as a matter of fact, im urging you make this trip the last in davao city. i do not care if there is anybody covering me. you know very when i run for president. nobody knew me or knows my face“,
“Wag kayo pumunta, make it the first time in history of this republic, do not cover me. everybody listening, ptv4 nalang kayo makinig, im asking you do not ever ever come back”, added by President Rodrigo Duterte.
Followed by this words.

“Im telling the networks, do not come here, i do not need you.
im just go around and tell to people the program of government, and i was ask the cabinet to avoid you, if you want to say something go to rocky ignacio”

“As a matter of fact i’m challenging you guys, kill journalism , stop journalism in this country. if you are worth your sort, you should accept the challenge.” President Duterte said.


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