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Hypocrisy ? It is a severe Disease Syndrome in our society.
Observation: our society is severely ill when the 5 pillars of criminal justice is not anymore functioning as what I understand that our beloved President elect Rodrigo Duterte said: The Society is full of hypocrites people.

Going back to the pillars of criminal justice system 

1. The Community: produces our law enforcers (policemen, traffic enforcers, NBI agents, PDEA agents, COA auditors, Ombudsman fact-finding investigators, etc.); prosecutors (DOJ and Ombudsman prosecutors/investigators); judges (Municipal Trial Courts, Regional Trial Courts and Sharia Courts); justices (Sandiganbayan, Court of Tax Appeals and the Supreme Court); and correction officials and personnel (municipal jails, provincial jails, city jails, the Bureau of Corrections [Muntinlupa] and other correctional facilities).

If the community is full of hypocrisy and having with a severely disease syndrome, it also produces hypocrite leaders: have a disease of syndrome like: corruption, illicit transactions, protectors of illegal drugs, members of the syndicates, kidnap for ransom, plunder and other forms of heinous crimes. Some leaders of the church are interfering with the government affair for not observing the separation of Church and state. Other cronies and other bias media are allegedly involved in corruption and some of them have been killed. Latest revealation that the member of the executive department of the government allegedly involved as the drug lord protectors.

II. Law enforcement- We have been always heard in the news that there are police involved in the crime syndicate, protector of drug lords, some of them are selling and users of illegal drugs after being surprised to a drug testing and dismissed immediately. Information revealed that they are very much active in apprehending illegal drug to a rival illegal drug dealers, planting evidence to the innocent civilian in exchange for money, lag-lag bala and illegal drugs if personal grudge occurs. Some of these illegal drugs being apprehended were allegedly recycled in the market.
III. Prosecution and

IV. The Courts: These institutions have been damaged when CJ Corona case of corruption proven guilty as per the decision of the SandiganBayan court.

V. The Correctional institution: This institution was also wrapped with corruption and proliferation of drugs inside the jail under the supervision of the Department of justice.
Our society is severely disabled as we have been able to diagnose its disease and we find out that they have been damaged most of the important functional pillars in the society. There is a need to apply for the right medication and we need an honest and brave physician to cure this kind of syndrome.

If we cannot cure these kind of syndromes in our society, whenever election comes, we usually heard of narco-politics exist. I’m afraid that our country will become the next narcotic state. 

When we renovate our houses without removing the colonies of ants your house will eventually little by little will be rotten and destroyed.

I trust and believed our president elect Rody Duterte of his priorities to sweep unbecoming and unscrupulous personnel in government to curb corruption, eliminate drugs and criminalities in order to restore the people’s trust & confidence which leads to the strengthening toward a responsive criminal justice system in this country. [source]

Pres.Duterte said, ''The Society is full of hypocrites people.''

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