A very interesting words from Eric Clark Su was posted 12 hours ago as of writing.

I can’t believe after all the brouhahas about the catcalling issue, people still manage to explain the brighter side of Duterte’s harsh words and misdemeanor. The Duterte Phenomenon, as we would say.

I can’t believe after all the arrogance and self-importance of journalists, Duterte still shine from the rest of them.

My advise to you my dear readers. PONDER THESE WORDS. It could really help you the way you judge our President of the Philippines.

Rodrigo Duterte is bastos!!!
He is a rude and chauvinistic pig!
No matter how much you explain and defend him, his actions are just wrong!
Some of his behavior are unbecoming of a president!
His remarks have already caused outrage from several sectors!
And there are more!!!
His cursing caused our policemen to up their game.
His threats created fear among drug pushers and their protectors resulting to numerous drug busts in the last few weeks.
His exaggerated answer to the China crisis have allowed our fishermen to harvest again in Scarborough shoal.
His rudeness awakened a religious institution not to mingle with government affairs.
His unorthodox thinking paved the way to sincere dialogue with insurgents.
His radical ideas are keeping our streets safe from drunks and young thieves.
His gutter talk forced the Telco duopoly to improve their internet service.
All of these things are happening with his mere words, wait until you see him in action! ?
You can have your well mannered, well spoken, blame gaming, credit grabbing, disastrous and pretentious Aquinos and Roxases. I would rather have my thug Duterte on the helm of my country – Pilipinas!

TO add to that, his rudeness made journalists think twice in creating their stories to regale their readers.

Very beautiful words! Change is already happening!

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Rodrigo Duterte is bastos!!!- (A very interesting words from Eric Clark Su)

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