Ngayon nyo sabihin na small time  at pang probinsiya lang ang ating Presidente. O ayan ang nag dudumilat na mga achievements niya. Wala pang isang buwan yan mga ka info. Yan achievements na yan. katumbas na ng 2 terms ng mga nakaraang Presidente natin. katumbas na ng Lifetime service na ipinaglingkod nila. 

eh ano pa kaya kung Taon na ang abutin. malulunod po ang bansa natin sa mga pagbabago. sa dami ng mangyayari. at tunay na pagbabago. Keep up the good work Tay! kasama mo kami sa tagumpay at mga hamon ng bayang ito. :)
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Pres. Duterte has 2,202 days to fix the country. Seven (7) days in office, these are the developments that Pres. Duterte has done/will do.

1. 5 PNP Generals allegedly involved in drug trade named
2. Thousands of drug pushers/users have surrendered through out the country
3. Billions worth of Shabu confiscated
4. Foereign investors coming in...
5. 35 Mayors involved in illegal drugs identified
6. BOC and BIR corrupt officials in the watchlist
7. Curfew in some places implemented
8. Cleanliness of some areas in Metro Manila are implemented
9. Offices of processing of documents of OFW be housed in one building and ordered DFA to inprove the services to OFW
10. Welcomed VP Lenie Robredo as part of his Malacañang
11. Small time assets of Police Drug protectors/Drug Lords were killed (inunahan na nila bago sila ikanta)
12. 24/7 Construction of Infrastructures in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao
13. Proposed Railway system connecting Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao
14. Prices of Rice and basic.commodities must be affordable to the poor
15. Malacañang will be open to the public.
16. A bill on federalism was filed.
17. Passed Freedom of Information (FOI) Executive Order
18. Established a "hotline -8888" for citizens to directly report to him any form of corruption and abuses among government officials
19. Ordered all government officials that transactions must be acted upon within 72 hours (no more delays and lagays)
20. Created a.Task Force to investigate media killings and related incidents. (Just a reminder, he is not endorsing media killings)
21. Passed Executive Order to Streamline Development Goals
22. Protesters during his Inauguration were allowed to enter Malacañang and he listened to their grievances
23. Free hospital care for all Filipinos
24. Lifestyle check of all government employees.
25. House Bill No. 1, Restore Death Penalty
26. Random Drug Testing to all Policemen. Sana implemwnt din ito sa lahat ng empleyado ng gobyerno.
27. VP Robredo appointed HUDCC Chief


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