Senator Leila De Lima calls the attention of United Nations to come over to the Philippines and investigated the extra-judicial killings brought by the President Duterte’s anti-drug campaign. Therefore, the Malacanang officials invite whole-heartedly the UN officials to visit whenever they want and conduct the investigation and witness how hard the situation of our country in terms of drugs and crimes. De Lima sent the letter as well as the filing of the invitation to UN the same day she was ousted and replaced by Senator Richard “Dick Gordon”. Here are the photos of De Lima’s three-page resolution: Whereas, it

Whereas, it says that:

It is hereby resolved, in view of the foregoing reasons and circumstances, the Senate respectfully urges the Executive Department, through the Department of Foreign Affairs, to extend an invitation to the Special Rapporteur on Extrajudicial, Summary or Arbitrary Executions, Ms. Agnes Callamard, to conduct a visit to the country and perform inquiries or investigation on the unprecedented phenomenon of extrajudicial killings and summary executions that has arisen during the aggressive enforcement of the administration’s war on drugs.

To provoke the UN officials, De Lima also includes the summary count of the killings:
  • 3, 173 people during the anti-drug campaign
  • 1,138 killed in arrest efforts
  • 2,035 victims of vigilante attacks.
The average number of persons killed daily for the past two and a half months is 42.3. By any standard, the statistics are alarming and staggering. And, judging from both official and media sources, there is no showing that we will soon experience a downtrend in the figures.-De Lima’s resolution


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