Leila De Lima ***** you should resign now. You are not fit to be a public official anywhere at all. You love so much public media attentions, but you are so bias on so many agendas concerned on topics being investigated. That is the reason whyy president Digong is so pissed off with you, especially almost the entire public. YOU ARE SO OVERJEALOUS OF DUTERTE ! you are very obvious you are being manipulated by the previous administration, IN FACT I DONT REALLY UNDERSTAND HOW YOU WON. You are very bias, very unfair to the PNP, yet you never stop saying you are fair. The media is not as dumbfuck as you not to see your body languages alone identify your biasness. You are insulted of the sexual scandals and you are now taking your vendetta against almost all the media. You do not have any credibility and dignity left De Lima. NONE ! EXPOSED NA EXPOSED NA ANG KABULBULAN MO DE LIMA ! I dont know how you still managed to show your face in any interview and most of all in the senate ? YOU ARE TRYING SO HARD TO HOLD UP YOUR FACE HIGH AND YOU KNOW ALMOST EVERYONE IS SPITTING AND SHITTING ON YOUR FACE ? How do you managed to do that ? Wala ka na bang DELIKADESA SA KATAWAN ? Everytime I see you in utube, FB, news media, All I can see is your doggy style sexual encounters, ahahahahahahahah, how undignified posture for an old woman. An old woman and a government official in the senate ? Whoooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaahhhh ! ANG KAPAL NAMAN SOBRA NG MUKHA MO De Limaw(KUNG MERON KA PA) ! Ahahahahahahahahah hhohohohohohohohoho !


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