Cebu City will pay P33 million to the Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) for the evacuation of their divider along F. Sotto Street, Mayor Tomas Osmeña said throughout the weekend.

He told journalists that he incorporated the sum in the official office's proposed yearly spending plan for 2017.

"We need to persuade Iglesia ni Cristo. They need to give up their fence. I told the approaching minister that the city will pay for it. That is our share," Osmeña said.

Expelling the divider will clear path for the finishing of a since a long time ago uncompleted street augmenting venture by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) for F. Sotto Street.

As of now, F. Sotto St. is just open to one path activity for drivers going to Gen. Maxilom Ave. alternately going straight to D. Jakosalem St.

Drivers originating from D. Jakosalem St. can't go straight to F. Sotto St.

"So we're making a decent attempt to change over it to two way," Osmeña said.

Design Rachel Lumapas, who heads the F. Sotto broadening venture, said they are still 86 percent finish.

While they had begun enlarging a few bits of the 500-meter street extend, there are still ranges where there are property proprietors who decline to set back their structures. She respected the chairman's proposition.

"I trust that with the chairman, they can as of now persuade Iglesia ni Cristo to surrender their divider," Lumapas said.

She said there are two different houses there whose proprietors decline to set back since the DPWH still can't persuade INC to permit them to devastate its divider.

The venture began in 2013, however because of the confiscation procedure, it took long to wrap up.

The extending venture costs P33 million. Lumapas said the greater part of the sum goes to the pay for those whose properties are influenced by the augmenting.

She said however that since INC is not moving, the DPWH has not paid them their remuneration in spite of the fact that the court officially decided for DPWH.

The chairman's proposed pay costs the same as the whole street extending venture cost.

Inquired as to why the city will in any case pay INC regardless of the possibility that the DPWH has a financial plan to repay them, the chairman said it is to demonstrate the city's "earnestness."
Road widening projects by the DPWH usually have allocations for road-right-of-way. So why will Cebu City pay the INC 33M? Is this amount over and above the amount for RRW included in the budget for the widening project?


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    The extending venture costs P33 million.
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    INC is not moving, the DPWH has not paid them

City Hall to pay P33M to INC JUST to demolish Their wall?

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