Heres the BIG CAPS LOCK HEADLINE @ Inquirer:

Mark Anthony tests positive for marijuana, negative for shabu

Then heres the Comments of the People. 

if he gets away from this case, general Bato! you will be ridiculed forever!

Charges for marijuana users should be lighter than shabu users. Its just marijuana. They should at least prove first that Mark Anthony is indeed a pusher, if they cant establish the evidence then they can just conclude that he's a user.


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    The actor faces charges for violation of RA 9165, or An Act Constituting the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002
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    It for cancer prevention! Lol! What a m0r0n! Using his dead dad as an excuse!

lalaya na yan artista e. maraming connection

To gov't administrator on fight against drug, wag nman pong masyado garapal. nakatingin pa rin kmi. wla nmn double standard sa implementation. Red handed for possession at nanakbo pa sa check point ito at lately binabaliktad pa mga pulis, Gen. Bato pano ba ito? napaki usapan knba ni robin?

NOw Look Closer, Eto na ang Bagong Headlines Ng INQ.

Mark Anthony Pleads not Guilty to Marijuana Possession

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