Usap Usapan ngayon sa social Media ang marahas na Rally na naganap sa Harapan ng U.S kung saan halos 50 katao ang nasaktan at nasugatan. at maging mga dispersal Unit ay itinuturo ding ugat ng kaguluhan. dahil sa maling hakbang ng pag disperse sa mga raliyista

Breaking News: Group Blames Sen. Bam Aquino for Allegedly Organizing Chaotic UN Rally
Social group Vigilantes Against Crime on Humanity (VACH) is blaming Senator Bam Aquino for allegedly using innocent people in UN rally that resulted to violence, leading to injuries of more than 30 protesters and police officers.

VACH, a social activist group that focus on preserving humanity through peaceful movement, aired their sympathy to both protesters and police, saying they were all victims of greed and jealousy of “some politicians who don’t want change for the country”.

Although several groups and agencies, including the DSWD partly criticized the police, VACH said it blames no one but green politicians who are still in power.


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    YUng isang Nag Rally yung Babae na sigaw ng Sigaw, Witness ni DELIMA sa EJK

It was reported earlier that police only responded when the group of protesters came close and vandalized the walls of American Embassy and the UN.

Labor and human rights lawyer, and VACH secretary general Vicente Montalbo during a radio interview, urged Sen. Bam Aquino and his cohorts to never do it again.

“Violence like this should have been avoided if Bam Aquino and his yellow cohorts did not use innocent people. They should stop doing it now for good”, Montalbo said.

An email sent to the office of the senator  asking his reaction is yet to be replied. /Criselle Tambunting/


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