Marcos Burial Is A Big MIstake! The People, the Victims and The Tyranny. The Painful Memories of the Victim. The HUman Righfts Violated during The Time.  Said Delima

De Lima argued that burying Marcos at the Libingan "would not just be a once-off act of violating the Constitution, but a continuing, lingering, and spreading malignancy that will erode, destroy and eradicate what we, as a people, have accomplished, not just to heal ourselves from past atrocities but, even more importantly, to protect ourselves from the rise of another despot who could inflict the same, if not greater, damage."

De Lima stressed that Marcos was no hero, and that he, along with his family, committed offenses involving "moral turpitude" and "is the farthest thing from a hero and the last person that public officials and leaders ought to look up to and emulate."

"This supposedly benign and even beneficent act of so-called 'reconciliation,' no matter how those who support it may attempt to paint it as such, is as close to being wholesome and salubrious as sugarcoated arsenic to our hard-earned history, humanity, our democratic way of life and future," De Lima's petition read.


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