A young Pinay got rejected by a school in UK. She failed to get into her preferred school despite the fact she has an IQ score higher than Einstein. Read her whole story here!
Meet Mia Golasino. This 11-year-old Pinay reportedly has an IQ score higher than Albert Einstein’s.
Like many of us, Mia aspires to one day study at a prestigious school. These schools afford us the opportunity to get whatever job we want in whichever company we choose to work at. However, not all of us are able to make it into our dream school, no matter how hard we try.

In Mia‘s case, she was rejected by a grammar school located in the United Kingdom.
Mia dreamed to one day study at Aylesbury High Grammar School. Mia’s parents even had her IQ score tested just so she could prove that she deserves to get into Aylesbury.

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According to Mia’s parents, she received an IQ score that was higher than Einstein’s. Mia scored 162. In order for one to be considered a genius, the IQ score must be 140 and above.
Mia’s IQ score was among the “top one percent of scores required for membership with British Mensa.” Mensa is globally recognized as the top high IQ society in the world.
Aside from her intellectual prowess, Mia is also a swimmer and a ballet dancer. She said that she accepted an offer from the Royal Latin School in Buckingham after she was rejected by Aylesbury. 
Mia‘s parents, according to the report by GMA, moved to the United Kingdom from the Philippines 1o years ago. They shared Mia‘s story to the public because they wanted to “inspire other families whose kids did not get into their preferred school.”

Mia is among the few geniuses who outrank Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking – considered the smartest men to walk the Earth – in terms of IQ score.
MK Citizen reported that Mia hopes to be a judge when she grows up. To prepare for her IQ test, the source cited that she played a Mensa app on her phone.
Wow! Do you feel inspired by Mia’s story? Have you ever experienced rejection by a school you really wanted to go to? Let us know your stories in the comments section below!

11-Year-Old Pinay Was Rejected by a School in the UK Even Though She Has an IQ Score Higher Than Albert Einstein’s!

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